Monday, June 10, 2013

2 weeks

This week went a little better.  We had a couple of people in church, but it was just two kids without their parents, so there can't be progress there until the parents get involved.  We at least taught more and found more, so that felt good, but it's always nice to see the results of your hard work.  Things were better than last week, but we still have a lot of progress to make in my area and in the district.  I gave a good district meeting on Wednesday about being Christlike as opposed to just doing Christlike things.  I think it's a distinction we don't make enough.  I also spoke on Sunday in church.  I had 12 hours of notice, but it went well.  As shy as I was before, it's hard to believe that one of my new favorite things is teaching and speaking in church.   

Everyone's always surprised when I say it's hot in Utah.  I'm excited to come home to that, though.  Utah heat is a lot better than Mexico heat.  Thanks for sharing home/visiting teach stories.  I always like hearing how things go as we try to minister to our brothers and sisters.  I like a quote that says home teaching is just missionary work among members and missionary work is just home teaching among non-members.  It's so true.  That's why everyone should study and apply Preach My Gospel.  That's too bad that things are going rough for Brigham.  He was sure excited when we talked to come home with a bunch of money and live it up at least a little.  I told him to remember what's important and be thankful that he has it, but that I hope he makes bank (I already got an iPad out of him being rich...).  I think the bookstore would be too tempting for me as a job if you get good discounts.  If I thought Bert Murdock was bad, all I want to do when I get home is find some awesome church books and institute manuals and learn more.  I love learning from the scriptures and PMG, but I love other learning resources as well.  That's weird that Tara's all grown up now, though.  I know I've changed a whole lot being out here, and I don't plan on going back to how I was before.  I'll just have to apply the principle of grace here: do all that I can and let God do the rest.  

I don't think I could've got a better speaking topic than D&C 59:23.  I'm sure excited to prepare and give that message.  I would also love to speak with Bishop Lesser if they don't go with Bro. Jordan.  

There really wasn't anything else outstanding this week either, so I'll go ahead and finish up. 

I know that God knows us perfectly and individually.  I know that His greatest desire is to make us like Him.  I know that as we keep His commandments and live the gospel, we can begin to achieve that and obtain true happiness in our lives.  I know that Jesus Christ makes our salvation and exaltation possible.  I know that He will succor us in our times of need if we seek Him.  I know that we can be cleansed from sin and receive peace in our lives as we live the principles of His gospel and strive to become like Him.  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored and we are in it.  I know that we are guided by a prophet, authorized of God to exercise His eternal power in this earth, Thomas S. Monson.  I know He is inspired of God, and His counsels will allow us to live a happy, full life.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is also a prophet of God, through whom the fulness of the everlasting gospel was restored to the earth. 

Elder Facer


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