Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4 weeks

                                                The District

Well this week went a little better, but still not quite where we need to be.  I was surprised on Wednesday when President Call called me in the morning to say that he and Sister Call would be coming to my district meeting, then a few minutes later finding out that the zone leaders (which meant one zone leader and one assistant because they were on exchanges) would be coming as well. Pressure no longer affects me, so everything went fine, and I actually got several really nice compliments from all of the special guests.  Just another success story.  Other than that, I would've liked to have taught some more and had a little bit of success as far as people in church, but everything happens in the Lord's time, I suppose.  I know everything will work out fine.  E. Gutierrez and I are working hard and trying to do all that we can, so I'm happy with that.
I had a special reminder this week about the importance of the sacrament this week and the blessings we can receive as we worthily partake of it.  I had been hoping and praying for a spiritual experience during the sacrament, and I made a special effort to make sure I had repented completely before Sunday.  Sure enough, the Lord didn't fail me, and I felt very powerfully God's love and approbation as I partook.  I love that every week we can have that experience and know that we are forgiven of our sins and cleansed through the Atoning blood of Christ.  Afterwards, I felt a desire to study John 17 and 21.  The Spirit that came during the Sacrament helped me to understand much better those two chapters and learn a lot more. 

That's great that Ryan got home and had a great mission.  The closer that moment gets for me, the more I analyze and try to determine what the Lord needs me to do in these last weeks to have that same approbation, and I feel like He's happy with what I've done so far.  That talk by Elder Holland is one of my all time favorites.  I read it every time I need to remind myself what's really important and stay focused and it certainly does the job.  That story in John 21 is probably one of my favorite chapters of all scripture.  I was so happy to hear that you're helping out your friend, Lexie with her gospel journey.  I'm worried that being back in Orem, Utah I won't have as many missionary opportunities as I would like, so it's great for me to hear that even in the Windsor 7th ward there's missionary work to be done, and I want to be a part of it.  That's nice that Lys got back fine.  I talked to a Peruvian sister in my disctrict today, and she told me that the Peruvians would just make fun of my Chilango accent, but that's probably fine.  That Canyon has just grown up a whole lot in these last two years.  It's fun to hear all the changes that the grandkids are making.  

I'm going to wait a week on the ward letter because I haven't thought of what to write yet.

I know that God knows us perfectly.  I know that His love for us is also perfect and the He is ever present to help and guide us.  I've been so blessed to be a witness of His love to His children here in Mexico.  They need it, and it's so beautiful to have a personal testimony and witness of that myself.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He effected a perfect Atonement for the exaltation of all of God's children that live His gospel.  I know that the principles and ordinances of the gospel will bring us closer to Christ and make us more like Him.  As we faithfully do so all of our lives, we will become even as He is.  I know that God's plan is perfect and applies to all of us.  If we live it and follow it, He will give us all that He has.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and contains a fulness of the everlasting gospel.  Time and time again the Spirit has shown to me that it has the answers to all of our problems today.  I know it is true, and I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. 

Elder Facer
Short note from Sister Call:
We went to Elder Facer's District Meeting last week.  He did so well.
He is a natural.  I told him upon returning home that he needs to teach at the MTC.  He would also be an outstanding seminary or institute teacher.  Great things are in store for him.  I am also so grateful for his piano playing abilities.  I have called upon him many times to help me out when teaching the missionaries a new song or how to lead music etc.  We are sure going to miss him.  I have come to love "my little deacon"!  Elder Facer will have to tell you the story behind that one!  Thanks for raising such an awesome son and sharing him with us. 
Adios........Hermana Call


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