Monday, April 22, 2013

22 months

It's just unbelievable how fast time has gone.  I've got 9 weeks left.  It's strange to think, but now it feels right.  I've always said that time means nothing when you're on a mission and it still doesn't, but it just feels like I've been here for almost the time that I needed to be here.  I'm still going very strong, and I'm not going to let myself get distracted or anything, even if everybody wants to talk about home and summer and all that jazz.  Anyway, this week, the Reyes family got confirmed and they're all going to be great converts to this great church.  They've been helping E. Gariety (district leader) with some of his investigators, and they're just solid.  It's been great to see the transformation that's happened with them and know that the Lord has worked through me to help them with that.  I sure love this gospel.

Today we had an international chess tournament in the district (we have Americans, Mexicans, and Peruvians) and I won.  That was pretty cool.  E. Smith was way into chess before and we've been practicing at nights, so I've gotten pretty good and it all paid off today.  I had to play E. Smith in the semi's, and I beat him.  He wants a rematch tonight, but I'm still the official champion. 

Aside from that, we had zone conferences this week, and it may well have been my last.  It was very uplifting, and I continue to learn a lot from President Call.  His leadership has helped me a lot in becoming a much better missionary.  After the zone conference, I renewed my temple recommend because it expired at the end of March.  It was incredible the difference that I felt just having a current temple recommend, even if we can't really go to the temple.  I've felt a new power and authority in my work now that I'm current again.  It's cool to see that fulfilling the Lord's expectations brings so many blessings. 

Tara, I don't know what you're feeling about soccer and your future, but just keep on keeping on.  I've learned a lot about how the Lord answers prayers and the way we receive revelation to make correct decisions.  Study D&C 6, 8, and 9.  You'll find lots of helps that will lead you to make the right decision.  Elder Scott says it really well when he says that we need to make decisions based on eternal truths, not on circumstance.  Remember what is most important and decide based on what will allow you to achieve that.  Trust in the Lord and counsel with Him.  You won't go wrong.  That's funny that Brian had a rough time getting started.  Things like that happen a lot from what I've heard.  At least he isn't somewhere where losing things isn't as big of an issue as having them stolen.  That's fun that Canyon's growing up so much.  He's passed a lot of developmental milestones while I've been gone, so it'll be fun to see how much more grown up he'll be as well as the other grandkids.  I'm sure everyone's happy that finals are over.  It's strange to me that I'm already registered as a student again.  I'll be living that life in another 4 months or so.   

It looks like this computer doesn't want to accept my SD card, so pictures are still on the backburner for now.   

I know that this is the Lord's work and that He helps us as we do our very best.  I know that His plan for our happiness is perfect and that we will only be happy as we do what He has asked us.  I know that repentance brings about this plan and its blessings for all of us.  I know that we can only repent because of Jesus Christ and His perfect, infinite Atonement.  I know that every one of us has those blessings available if we will only live the gospel.  People here make their lives very complicated many times, not realizing that the gospel is simple and if we live it our lives are much better.  I know that we are all children of God and that He loves us all perfectly and infinitely.  I know that we can become like Him and enjoy all of the blessings that He enjoys if we are obedient and endure to the end. 

Elder Facer


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