Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Weeks

Well being a district leader is a lot more busy than just a normal missionary.  There really isn't even that much more to do, but it's just exhausting.  This week we did interchanges twice, I had two interviews, one of my own investigators, and a near crisis.  I suppose that's just all part of the whole leadership thing.  Unfortunately, we had lots go down in the district, and almost all of our baptisms fell through.  Two decided to postpone their wedding, one needed a special interview and didn't show up, and one hadn't really quit smoking.  Great.  We ended up with just one baptism, and will probably end up with 9 as a district in May, which is fine, but not nearly what we could've had.  Also, a new elder in the district who is also new to the mission was feeling really discouraged and wanted to go home on Wednesday, so I helped him a little and President Call did the rest.  He's doing fine now, but it was sure rough while we were going through it.  It's true what our missionary manual says that leaders are much more sensitive to the needs of the elders they serve. 

Aside from that, we had a mostly normal week.  Working was a little hard, but we have some promising referrals for this week, so that'll be nice.  Ward choir is improving a lot, thank goodness.  My first district meeting went over well, and I feel like my teaching is continuing to get much better all the time, especially when we go and teach members.  I think I'll be a pretty good home teacher because it's just easier for me to teach members the gospel.  I'm continuing to improve my chess game and more importantly, gospel knowledge and understanding, so things are going well on my end, even as difficult as they are. 

It's strange to think that Tara will be graduated before too long.  I always thought that that was the last big happening before I get home.  I guess really it's Father's Day, but still, it's just so close. Crazy friends like she's dealing with are really just better off left alone.  I discovered that myself.  You still have to be nice to them, but you don't have to hang out with them and struggle through date planning and other such calamities.  So Scott sold his truck, huh?  I think that's a Mexican thing that they find a car they like and they just keep going until they get it.  I've met several people here that tell me the story of how they got their car, and it always seems to involve falling in love with the car, searching for years to find just the right one, and selling everything they have to buy the car.  I hope Peru goes well for Lys and Manuel.  I'm imagining this will be their last trip before I'm home.  I still doubt a little that Manuel's family will accept my Chilango accent.  Brigham's really wasn't that noticeable compared to mine. 

I know that this is the Lord's work.  He directs it and guides those who participate in it.  I know that it is only possible through His Son, Jesus Christ.  His Atoning sacrifice is the only way for us to be saved in the Kingdom of God.  I know that as we live the gospel, we will receive the blessings that come through the Atonement.  I know that the Holy Ghost can always be with us if we are worthy of His companionship.  I know that He will lead us into all truth, give us the words we need to say, and inspire us to use the talents and gifts that God has given to us for the benefit of all of God's children.  I know that the church has been restored in these latter days.  We are so blessed to have grown up where the gospel was taught freely.  So, too, must we freely share that which we have received.  I know that doing so is an absolute prerequisite for our eternal happiness.  I love the gospel, and I love the Savior.  I love this work, and am so grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to take part in it for these last couple years.  I know that He has used me as an instrument in His hands to bless His children that needed me. 

Elder Facer


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