Monday, May 13, 2013

The Final Countdown (enter sweet keyboard riff)

Well it was sure great to see and talk to everyone last night.  It felt different from the other calls in that it used to feel like "well now it's over until the next phone call", but now it just felt normal to talk to everyone.  It's just starting to hit me that I'm in my last transfer and I'll be home before we know it.  Thanks so much Sister Shirley for letting me borrow Alyssa for a while.  Happy Mother's Day to you and mom and all the other mothers out there.  It was really fun to see all those neices and nephews.  There's a chunky little baby here in Tequex, but he's got nothing on Alex.  He's huge!  Avery's really cute, too, but I prefer quiet babies that like cuddling.  It's ok, though, I'm still excited to meet them in person and be a real uncle instead of just a vague, distant, fake uncle. 

It was a decent week for missionary work.  Finding is still difficult, but we're working hard.  Elder Smith basically knew he was getting changed, so he got lazy the last couple days, but I did my best to keep him going.  Now I'm with Elder Gutierrez.  He's from Chiapas, has been out for 7 months, and seems like a cool guy.  He's been a member all his life and his parents were converts.  He finished high school, worked a little, then came on the mission.  He had been in San Juan del Rio (by Tequisquiapan) for his first 6 1/2 months. 

It feels a little different now finishing up and being a leader.  I feel the responsibility, and it motivates me to keep improving.  I think it's also really humbling for me to realize the trust that the Lord has in me to put me in this position.  I know most missionaries see it as a form of going up levels and being "above" others, but I feel just the opposite.  Just like Christ, it came to me that this is so I can better serve others, not so I can be better in my own eyes or those over whom I am now steward.  I'm excited for this responsibility and the opportunity to finish with the trust of the Lord and His approbation. 

I know that the Lord knows us and loves us.  I know this is His true church and gospel.  There is no greater knowledge or doctrine in all the universe, and we are so blessed to have it so freely today.  I know that obedience will bring us all the blessings we need.  God wants to bless us so much, but He requires our obedience to His commandments in order to receive those blessings.  I know that living the gospel and dedicating ourselves to this great cause bring us true happiness.  If we don't do it, we simply can't find that joy.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and contains the fulness of the gospel.  We need to have a testimony of it in order to overcome the trials we face today. 

Elder Facer


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