Monday, July 2, 2012

The fruit most desirable above all...

Just the Start of a new Month

Well this week we took almost all of the stuff from the other house and moved it here, so we're finally rid of that other house, thank goodness. Also thank goodness, that means we now have 7 mattresses and 5 tables, which gave rise to mega-desk and mega-bed. I just don't know how I'll adjust to normal missionary conditions after living in such luxury. Mostly it was a pretty normal week, though. Things went a little better as far as teaching and finding, and we have some pretty good new prospects, but unfortunately, nobody came to church... dang it. Fortunately, Luis and Norma have arranged everything for their marriage so they'll be married tomorrow morning at 9 (it's cheaper on weekday mornings), and baptized on Sunday! WOOHOO!!! Luis has really just made quite a turnaround, and is officially awesome. I can tell that this family is just going to be a family of great converts. It's also cool to baptize a family as opposed to just individuals. We are really fulfilling the Lord's purposes in this and helping them take real steps to being an eternal family. Pretty cool, right?

So we had a funny experience where a drunk guy invited us to come in after his mom said she didn't want anything. We went in not realizing he was drunk, just thinking he was a little strange, but then smelling him we realized he was wasted. Anyway, he asked us our names, so we said Elder Facer and Elder Peña. Elder isn't super common in Mexico, so he kept calling us Edgar, even after being corrected several times. Eventually, he started referring to us as "Edgarcillos". Super funny, and we're maybe keeping that nickname for the time being.

Sounds like everyone's staying busy at home. I hadn't heard anything about Scott quitting, but I appreciate the update. It'll just be much better for him to be close to home more often. Lys, don't become addicted to seeds. They'll just pull you right in, just ask Dad. That's good that they get rid of your nauseau, though. How big is your bolillo this week? (bolillo as in bun in the oven) I haven't heard from you yet, but I imagine you're just going to write a little later, then I'll hear about it next week. It's all good, though. Brig, you read my mind on the Iphone idea. I'm hoping that my phone will be ready for a verizon upgrade and so I can get one cheaper upon returning. What kind did you get? And what did Mom mean by ("S" with Suri keeping you company now)? Is Suri another Mexican girlfriend or is that some kind of inside joke? I did get Alyssa L.'s package this week, but it had been ripped open during shipping so I got this nice little note from USPS saying that these things just happen sometimes so basically get over it, and just be glad the package showed up, and I was. With that, I also got 3 more letters from my other Alyssa, so we're current up to June 15. This week will be zone conferences, so hopefully Alicia's package will have arrived by then. Mom, I thought you might have remembered the CDs you had sent, but it's ok. It'll maybe be my parting gift to Elder Peña, but don't tell. The cookies were a little dry, but still excellent. There just isn't anything quite like homemade cookies here in Mexico, just processed "fortificado" cookies (whatever that means...). I'm learning a lot from Elder Peña. He's just a super missionary, and I'm glad I got to be with him, even if for just a transfer.

While ending the mission is on my mind (not too much, don't worry) I just remembered that Pres. Call said in his letter this week that everyone that goes home after this transfer and the next (meaning I'm included) goes home 3 weeks earlier than the original release date. That means I'll get home I think on June 5. It's pretty interesting, and we didn't get an explanation, but even so, amen. I'll have a little more summer to work and earn some money, I guess (and get my Iphone. Awesome).

Things are really going well here. Not everything is sunshine and roses, but things are great. I'm learning so much about this work, about life, and about the gospel. Everyday I feel like I make at least a little progress, and I'm excited to continue to improve. I know that this is the Lord's work. Were it not, we wouldn't see any of the miracles and changes that we see in the people here. I know that Heavenly Father watches over us and protects us in all that we do. I know that He hears and answers our prayers. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Understanding more the Atonement has helped me so much to be a more powerful and effective servant of the Lord. I know that it is a real event that has real power even in our lives today. As we apply it daily, we become more like Christ. We develop and incorporate into our selves His attributes and His power. We prepare ourselves to become like Him and our Father. I know that the priesthood is a real power that allows us to apply the blessings of the Atonement in our lives, and that doing so will bring down the blessings of heaven. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it has the fulness of the everlasting gospel. Studying it daily has changed my life, and I know that it is absolutely true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and has made possible our happiness in this life and in the eternities. Families can be eternal through the sealing ordinance available in the holy temples. This is God's work and glory, and he will do everything to make it possible for us if we put forth our very best.

Elder Facer


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