Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One down... One to go

Picture 1: the rainy season is officially here

Picture 2: repercussions of the rainy season

Well I've made it to a year. It seems fairly unbelievable to be honest, but at the same time it seems strange that I still have a whole other year. Anyway, we had a pretty good week this week. We went to a pueblo on the edge of our "little" area called Ojo de Agua, but we fell asleep on the bus, so we crossed into Guanajuato for about 4 minutes. I've now been in 4 different states in Mexico. It's actually really pretty out there, and we found one lady that seems interested. The rain has started for reals now, and we've gotten pretty wet a few times. I pulled my umbrella back out this week. We saw Luis and the family on Saturday, and they've gone and gotten their whole marriage ready without telling us a single word. Super cool, but we were a little worried, because he said he'd let us know what happened. Basically that means that they're awesome and will be baptized on the 8th. Sunday, we got to speak, and I still just love speaking. I spoke on Elder Andersen's talk "What does Christ think of me?", and I feel like it went over very well. Later, we saw a part-member family and put a date with the husband for the 8th as well. We invited Alfredo to come with us to see Luis and the family, and Alfredo and his wife came because they were already out visiting members by where we were. That meant that his wife, Flor, is really starting to open up and be accepting, which is awesome, and she knows all about the plan of salvation. We've also been teaching Alfredo's son, Alfredo, who is just as good as his dad, and has accepted a date for the 15th. He just finished his divorce, has two kids that were taken by social services, and is willing to do anything to get them back, and really believes the gospel will help him. I know it will. To top things off, I finally got the package and two more letters from Alyssa. It was a good week to turn a year in.

Thanks very much to all those who contributed to my package. It was excellent. A special thanks to Alyssa for your present. Unfortunately, it ends up being a little different than 1.57 a week, but it'll all work out, don't worry. Mom, did you forget that you had already sent me the "Called to Serve" CD? It's all good, and I do appreciate you sending the others. Also, thanks very much for the book. I've been anxiously awaiting that one for a while. That was just another success story this week.

In study, I'm in 3 Ne. 3 now. I also started studying PMG in Spanish, and I'm in chapter 3. In the mornings, I listen to the Old Testament in Spanish while I exercise. I want to read all the standard works in Spanish, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually read the OT, so I'll just listen to it. I just finished Exodus this morning. I'm also reading the NT right now, currently in Luke 16. Things are going well, and I just keep learning so much.

This morning, we finally worked out our house situation in the area. We moved all the stuff from the other house over here, so now we just have to get the deposit back on the house, and things'll be all settled. Thank goodness.

Sounds like things are still staying busy "in the hood" as mom would say. As far as getting people excited for emergency preparedness, you could simulate an earthquake or something and then give them nothing to survive with. Then you tell them "well isn't this just quite the pickle you're in. Let's see how much easier this would've been if you'd studied emergency preparedness and had your kits all ready". It could work. I'm glad Brigham is still staying busy and participating so much in the church. I want to be able to do that when I get home, especially working in the temple and with family history. Since when is Scott home for good? Did he stop doing his North Dakota job? It sounds like the kids are all just starting to grow up, though, which is nice. It'll be strange to come home to a 6 year old Canyon, 5 year old Savanna, almost 3 year old Andrew, and who knows how many new chillins. Crazy stuff. Lys, regarding your lemon/lime debate, in Mexico, we just say limón for everything, but we hardly use lemons. Really it just means lime, even though in school they taught me that limón is lemon and lima is lime. Who knows. Brigham, Elder Lewis wants to know if you knew an Elder Lopez from the estado de Mex. while you were in Acapulco. He said you gave him some shoes and helped him out a lot. Elder Lewis met his mom, and somehow you came up.

This is absolutely the true church of Jesus Christ. This gospel is the only way to find true happiness and peace in our lives. Striving everyday to grow and exercise our faith, repenting, and living our covenants and the commandments is such an edifying and uplifting life to live. I know that living the gospel will bring us peace in times of trials, comfort in times of sadness, and joy in all that we do. Jesus Christ is our Savior. Without Him, Heavenly Father's plan couldn't have worked. Because He did the Atonement and submitted His will to His Father's, we have that opportunity, and we can return to live with our Heavenly Father and our families for eternity. There is no message more important. There is no other doctrine that will bring happiness to this world and to us as individuals and our families. This is the way, the truth, and the life. I know that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for each of us. Everything we pass through in this earthly experience is for our good if we let it be so. I know that we can all repent of our sins and transgressions through the Atonement of Christ. Only through His mercy and grace can be become like Him, and become joint-heirs of all the Father has. I know that a family can be united for eternity through Heavenly Father's plan and the sacred priesthood keys exercised by President Monson. Heavenly Father loves us and hears and answers our prayers that we pray with faith.

Elder Facer


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