Monday, June 4, 2012

Alma 13:24

my first non-pre-sliced mango eating experience

Alfredo got confirmed this week, and he's all set for his priesthood interview and ordination next Sunday. Sweet. He gave us this fruit to try called guimache that was interesting. He's always trying to feed us, but we always see him right before or after we eat. Life is just good, but now that he's not an investigator, we probably won't see him that much. I sure love that guy, though. Anyway, the rest of the week was pretty slow. We had a whole lot of member lessons, but not very many new investigators. I'm glad that we're getting a little more support, though, especially now that we finally have a ward mission leader who wants to work, and he seems like he'll be pretty good. We did have a cool experience with a family that's been in teaching for a while but hasn't been able to be baptized because the parents aren't married. Basically, the dad's always working so it's hard to find him, but he took the week off so we finally were able to talk to him and make some good progress. On Saturday, he basically told us his life story as it relates to family and religion, so now we understand him a whole lot better, and he is now thinking about getting married, which is just excellent. He told us a story about when he was young, how his parents ran him from the house, and he went traveling looking for work with some friends. At a time where they had literally nothing, a guy in a hoodie and a baseball cap with the hood over the cap showed up and asked what they were doing. They explained the situation, and he said "Well it's time for my first good deed of the day" and took them to the grocery store to buy them food and clothes. They, being wary, waited in the other line while the guy paid, and saw him pull out an enormous wad of bills and buy them a couple week's worth of food and pants and shoes for everyone. They left the store, and the guy started walking away, turning the corner. They went around the corner and he was gone... can you say "3 Nephites?!" The Spirit told me that it was one of them that had helped him, and it reminded me of Alma 13:24 that says that angles are preparing the hearts of men to receive the word, and how true that is. That was just a super cool experience.
That may have been the longest paragraph I've ever written in an email. Well it sounds like things are going well in Peru. I'm sorry sales haven't been as good as you were hoping, though. At least you got to do some fun stuff. What ruins did you go to? From what I've heard, macchu picchu is pretty far from Trujillo, but I'm just not aware of any other ruins down there. Take pictures and fill me in, will ya? Mom, that's fun that Hna. Lozano (Martinez. They use their maiden names even if they're married) replied. She'll probably understand an English reply. She lived in the US for at least a year, and learned enough, so that's no big deal. Also fun that you saw Sra. Huerta. I was thinking about all of my Spanish teachers a few weeks ago, mostly Sra. Sillito, because she was from DF if I remember correctly. That's crazy that you got your gall bladder out. I assume that's not a vital organ if you got it out. I sure hope you get feeling better soon.
Well in study this week, I read Alma 60 today, and then President Call quoted it in his letter, and I had totally thought about that as I read it. In Spanish, I finished Helaman 5 yesterday, which is a much better chapter than I remember it being aside from just having a couple of good verses. I read all of D&C this week, and started Moses today. I plan on starting the New Testament when I finish the Pearl of Great Price, so that'll start probably on Wednesday. I want to familiarize myself a lot more with the New Testament, so I may take a different approach to studying this time than just a read-through, but I'll let you know.
Aside from that, It's been a pretty normal week. We're still working hard and trying to find the elect, but they aren't showing up yet. We just need to have faith in the promises of the Lord, and do everything we can, trusting that He'll do the rest (D&C 123:17), and I know things will work out how they should.
I know that the Lord is watching over us and protecting us. He knows us each so intimately and individually, and is innately aware of our needs, yearnings, and desires. He hears our prayers and answers them when we pray with faith. I know that He is truly our Father and that He loves us so much. Even when things are hard, I know that He strengthens me and helps me to carry on in His work. I know that the Lord qualifies those whom He calls to do His work, and we are never left without divine help when we are on the Lord's errand. I know that God speaks to us, both personally and through the prophets. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and without Him, we would all be lost and unable to return to God's presence. I know that through the Atonement, we can obtain mercy and forgiveness of our sins. The Father's mercy is endless, so long as we do what is necessary to qualify for it. I know that the priesthood ordinances manifest the power of God. Through obedience to the covenants we make, we can be worthy to live with our Father and our families eternally. There is absolutely no reason to shoot for anything less. The way is clear, the steps are laid out, and Christ will lead us along the path to Eternal Life. When the road is hard, He will carry us, comfort us, and heal us so that we can resume the journey, ever-reliant on His precious, redeeming blood to save us.
Elder Facer


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