Monday, May 28, 2012

The Best Birthday Present I Could've Asked For

another happy day this week. You can all imagine why.

we ate Carl's Jr. this week. Excellent

even though he's not smiling, he was super happy. I was, too.

Alfredo Got Baptized! WOOHOO!!! This was just an excellent week for me. We had an excellent experience teaching a 17-year-old recent convert, who has decided that he's absolutely going on a mission. We got to speak in church. We had a baptism. We sent a missionary out from the ward that's serving in Provo. We just did it all it looks like. It was a bit of a difficult week as far as working and finding, but I've just felt great. The Spirit has been very strong, and that's never anything to complain about. I got to speak on the Atonement, which meant I got to study it, and that was great as well. I just can't even express how grateful I am for the gospel and being able to share it. Life is great.
Study this week included more wars and preparation for wars and burying the dead after wars, so that was maybe a little less spiritual, but there're still good things to learn in those chapters. In Spanish, I'm just about to finish those. I started Doctrine and Covenants, and have read up to section 83, and there's good stuff in there as well, especially about missions and missionary work and the like.
It seems like so much happened this week, but I can't really think of anything. I'm glad everyone made it ok to Peru, and I hope luggage gets there soon. Lys, the cubana definitely wasn't the best idea you could've had in Mexico City. That was basically just asking for diarrhea. It's like jumping into the deep end before you know how to swim. I hope it didn't get you too bad, though. The ward isn't great at helping us find. They'll say they have a referral, then never get the address or get it and not tell us where it is because we have no idea where it is. They're good people, but could use some help in the missionary work department. That's why I made a huge plug for PMG in my talk. Hopefully it catches on. I don't know what you want to know about Elder Lewis. We just get along well and he isn't a bad missionary. He wants to work and he does, so it all works out great. In interviews, President didn't say much. Just the normal "make sure everything's ok and that you're not being a screw off" kind of things. Not that I've ever been a screw off, but he always checks obedience. To be honest, it would've been a miracle if the package got there in time for interviews, so I wasn't really expecting it. The real problem is that I have no idea when we'll get things from the offices again, so we'll see how old the package is when it gets here. Sounds like you've got some big (but totally expected) plans for the long weekend. I had forgotten that it was also memorial day today. Everyone here has been partying all week, so an American holiday just didn't even cross my mind. What's chimpanzee that you're going to see with Canyon and Savanna? I don't really feel 20 to be honest. I don't feel like anything but a missionary right now, which is probably best.
Alyssa S., I have a quick favor to ask of you. I wrote the letter to Drew today, and even though I explained who I am, I'd appreciate it if you could send him a quick letter like today so it beats mine there and so he doesn't get totally weirded out (maybe just slightly). Just let him know who I am and that he can look forward to that letter. Thanks!
I know that Heavenly Father loves us. He truly knows us and understands our deepest feelings and desires. He watches over us in all that we do. I know that He hears our prayers. As I got down to pray last night, I said "Heavenly Father..." and waited. I heard the unmistakeable words "I'm listening". I know that He hears and answers our prayers. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to be our Savior. I know that Christ suffered for our sins and made it possible for us to exercise our faith unto repentance. I know that the Atonement is absolutely real, and can have infinite power to strengthen and comfort us if we are willing to do our part. I know that we can receive mercy as we repent and forsake our sins. We can be clean. Even though they be as scarlet, they can be as white as the driven snow. I know that this is the only way to be happy. As we live the gospel and repent daily, the Spirit will be our constant companion, and we will pass through life's trials with a renewed vigor and ability to come out on top. I know that when the Lord is on our side, no other force or power or person in or out of this world can do anything to bring us down. He is our Savior and our Brother. Our Master, and our Advocate with the Father, the Great Jehovah who took upon Him flesh, died, and lives again.
Elder Facer


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