Monday, June 18, 2012

Late Rainy Season

Elder Peña

Well we finally started getting some real rain this week, and it's been cloudy most of the time, which is a nice break from the Querétaro sun, which is super hot (I enjoy it, though). This week we tried to make everything work out with changing houses because of the bigger area, but we still haven't worked it out. Thankfully, we still have this week to do so. Either way, we'll end up moving next week, either the stuff from the other house over here, or the stuff from here and the other house to a different house. We found some new people this week, but everyone decided to hide or not be able to come to church on Saturday night. That happens, though, so we're not too worried. The real success story this week is in two parts. Part one:Alfredo got the priesthood and is going to take us to see some of his kids to teach them. Part two: I don't know how much I've told you about Luis and Norma and their family, but basically Norma and her two baptismal age kids have had all the teaching, they love church, and want to get baptized. Luis is always working except Saturdays and Sundays and was kind of against the whole baptism thing for a while. Nobody could get baptized because Norma and Luis aren't married anyway. Anyway, last night we went to talk with them with the determination to put a baptismal date because Luis has opened up a lot and now comes to church every week. We got there and talked about church, and then just jumped right in and put the date. We felt that we should put it for July 8, so we did, and Norma told us that she had signed up to give us food on the 8, she invited another family, they were going to have a party for their son, and now they're getting baptized, so she just knew that the 8th was right. Luis was still a little timid about it, not believing that the marriage papers could go through before then. I shared I Ne. 3:7 and told him that the Lord would put forth the means so that the papers go through and so that they can be baptized as a family that day. They all accepted. The Spirit was just so strong in that lesson, and it was such a testimony builder for me about following the Spirit and that the Lord will prepare the way for us to keep His commandments.

It is a little strange that I'm going to turn a year old this week. It's a little more strange being with a missionary who's going to finish soon. He's the first companion I've had that'll finish with me. He told me that Pres. Call had asked him to stay, but it won't be a whole other transfer, just until August 20 or thereabouts. I'm totally ok with that. He's good with it, too, but feels bad that he'll be missing his brother's wedding, because he already missed his sister's wedding while on the mission. He's really one that I imagine will always be willing to do what the Lord asks, whatever the sacrifice. That's fun that Sr. Cox knows his aunt. I guess she can fill them in with my side of the story if they're following his side already.

Tara didn't tell me about the work mix up. I haven't heard from her in two weeks, so Lys, this is your chance to claim the best writer title. Even when I went to do baptisms frequently, the temple workers never seemed to recognize me. That's my goal upon returning, though. That's strange that everyone is having to adjust to normal food after Peru. I'd imagine at least Brig and Manuel would've been fine. It was probably from those suaperro (suadero, in case you haven't heard that before) tacos they ate in Mexico. I'm jealous that Brig saw the Avengers, but Alyssa has promised me an Avengers marathon when I'm home, so it'll all work out. I used to see more movies on buses, but only 20 minutes of them going from Tequis to San Juan, but here there aren't any. Also cool that Brig got to see Elder Wilding. I hope everything works out well with housing and what not. I also hadn't heard that Brig is in the priest's quorum or that Bro. Condel was. I guess it makes sense, because you did tell me that Bro. Scoubes is the new Elder's Quorum president. I've definitely heard that story about the running missionary before. I didn't know that you helped him get into BYU. That's pretty cool, though. I guess I'll have to start challenging people to play guitar scales faster than them so they listen to us and come to church. That'll work out well with all the people in the area that play guitar (maybe 6).

Lys, happy birthday. You're now a little older than you used to be. I can relate to your baby being the size of a lime because we use them at least thrice daily. I'll remember that when we go eat today.

Happy father's day to all the fathers reading this. I've gotten a really strong testimony about fathers and the priesthood in the last month or so, and I know that your role is essential in God's plan for us, His children. There are probably few things more powerful and moving than a righteous, priesthood-bearing father exercising his priesthood on behalf of his family. Keep up the good work, and felicidades.

I know that the family is ordained of God. Marriage is also established and ordained by Him and is the only way that we can return to live in His presence with our families. I know that the prieshood is real, and is the very power of God for the salvation of His children. I know that the temple ordinances manifest this power, and that we truly do have the keys of the kingdom on the earth again. I know that Christ is our Savior. Following Him is the only way to find joy in this life and to receive eternal life in the world to come. I know that as we turn to Him, He will take upon Him our burdens and cares and make them light. Heavenly Father loves us. He is our Father. I know that His plan makes it possible for all of us to return worthily to live with Him.

Elder Facer


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