Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold and rainy

Well this was a bit of a rough week as far as finding people. It's been super cold (for Mexico) and raining every day, which means there aren't people in the streets to contact, and people who are home don't want to open their doors because that lets the cold air in. The combination means we had a rough week. Thankfully, we did find one person to come to church with us. An 8 year old son of a less-active member that isn't baptized decided to come even though his three siblings didn't want to and he got bored after sacrament meeting. If not for that, I may have called this week a failure. Don't get me wrong, we worked hard, and I'm trying to stay positive, but there just wasn't much success this week.

One good thing was that we had interviews this week, which is always a good thing, but even better is that it meant that letters came! I got several from ward members, a couple from Alyssa, and your package. Thanks especially to Bro. Cox. Your letter was much needed this week, and I'm grateful that you shared those experiences with me. In the package, the cookies were still good (really they were excellent. You just don't find cookies like that here) only they got crushed up in transit. I had a great time eating cookie chunks and crumbs, though. As far as the medicine, I assume it's just one of the different kinds at a time, so I've been starting with the Nutrisleep. It says 2-4, so I started with 2, but it hasn't helped at all yet. Really it means I sleep deeper, but not any longer, which just makes waking up harder. I'll try 4, and if that doesn't work, I'll try the other pills. Other than that, though, I much appreciate the package. It was a much needed consolation prize to the week.

Thanks to everyone for your updates. Lys, don't think you bore me with news about Andrew. that's really about what I want to hear the most of. I'm sorry, but I just don't like your new car. I've never liked hatchbacks, and the only Ford I've ever dug a little is the Fusion. I'm sure you'll get over that, though. I'm glad you love it. That's great that Scott has started working. I didn't know it was so soon. I also haven't heard from them in a few weeks, so that probably shouldn't suprise me. Also, Lys, I was aware of the Star Wars 3D deal. That's old news, as in before I left. The bigger news is that it came out on Blu-ray, which I saw in a wal-mart here. Either way, I plan on owning both of them. A while ago you asked me about the different organ volume pedals. The left is swell volume, the middle is great/pedals volume, and the right is the crescendo pedal (adds stop in a pre-determined order). Typically for normal organ playing, you'll have the swell and great volume pedals open (all the way up) and the crescendo all the way closed (down). It really all depends on what you want to do, though. Have Tara teach you how all that works. I left her my workbook from Music 115, and I sure hope she's been using it.

This week, I also read D&C all the way through in addition to my continued Book of Mormon reading. Isaiah is just telling us about the gathering of Israel, which is good. I also read an ensign from a few months ago. There was a really good quote in there from Pres. Monson. Something along the lines of "the Lord bends the back to fit the burden placed upon it". A good reminder that I'm not the one in control here. I've always been fairly stubborn, but I've felt that happening to me. The Lord really does help us to bear our burdens, but only if we allow him to help and change us.

I know that this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father knows us and loves us. As our Father, He wants to help us and give us only the very best. As His children, and children of Christ through baptism, we become joint-heirs with Christ of all that the Father has. I know that the covenants we make are real. The Lord has promised us many things, including Eternal Life, if we only live in conformity with those sacred promises we make through baptism, receiving the priesthood, and in the temple. I know that the Lord fulfills His promises, and that our part of those covenants is small in comparison to the reward we receive. I know that the Lord blesses us when we are obedient, and tests us to prove our faith and diligence. When we complete those tests successfully, we grow and improve ourselves. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Master. He is the Son of God who gave His life to save us from sin. Only through his merits, mercy, and grace can we, the fragile beings we are, return to live with our loving Father in Heaven.

Elder Joseph Facer


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