Monday, December 19, 2011

This work is a lot easier doing it the Lord's way

me on the pyramid of the sun in a yellow tie
me on the pyramid of the sun in a yellow tie holding up the pyramid of the moon
the three originals of the district, with me in a yellow tie
Diego's baptism
just a legit Mexican pancho from Chiapas
Aurelio and Veronica's baptism with their son Fernando

Well as you may have noticed, we had two baptisms this week (Aurelio and Veronica) and three confirmations (those two and Diego). You could call that a pretty excellent week. I credit it to me first off being very stupid, and then the help of an excellent Elder in helping me to be humble. I had stayed Monday and Tuesday in Tequix because Elder Sotelo and I were just not getting along and President so decreed to give us a little space. Me and Elder Stepp talked it out and it looked like everything was going to be good, but upon returning, I just started feeling worse and worse until we got back to Apaxco for the district meeting and things were just back to normal. Elder Stucki (one of the assistants) had the prompting to come work with us that day, and noticed that something was quite obviously wrong. We talked it out, and he gave me some excellent suggestions as well as a blessing that made all the difference. Never had I considered Christ's counsel to pray for your enemies (or difficult companion) as a way of helping you and them, but it's really helped so much. The blessing was an absolute life-saver as well. I've never really felt such power in the moment of a blessing except for with my patriarchal blessing. Now things are looking a lot better, and I'm very happy with what we've got going. It sure took me long enough, though...

First things first:Skype. Brig said he was going first at 2:30 (I'm assuming our time, but he didn't specify), and we're really only 1 hour ahead of you (you said 2). I know we're planning a little missionary party that night, so I'd like to go as soon as we can. I don't know how long Brigham is going to last (he's coming home in three months anyway...), so I'm going to plan on around 3:10-3:20 our time. I'll try to be on as early as 3, but we'll see what happens. I really have no idea how Skype works, either, so I'll need a little set up time. I'm sorry if that doesn't work with going to Mike and Lisa's, but it's the only way I can work it out with our comida (we get food from the members at 2 instead of dinners. The meal is called la comida). That's my plan. Questions, comments, or concerns, too bad.

That's fun that the Padilla's are going to work it out like me and Brigham. That's very exciting that Tara's advancing so much. That'll be an excellent landmark for her to start running again. Unfortunately, running would come chronologically after car-driving. Just take more care of my car this time! That's fun that Canyon and Savanna are growing up so much. I'm really excited to see and talk to them. Also, Lys, I loved that picture of Andrew you sent. He's just growing up so much! And 7 teeth already? He just won't even be the same little boy by the time I get back.

Regarding your need for treasure hunt ideas, I could sure help if I were there. I'd do some pretty good Spanish ones, too. I'm a fluent rhymer in both languages now. She wouldn't even know the difference. She'd probably think "Santa" learned Spanish this year. Well I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary to Lys and Manuel tomorrow if I'm not mistaken. Again, I really appreciated all of your testimonies and cards, and I hope you all continue faithfully in what you sent to me.

I know this gospel is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of Man, that gave His life for all of our Heavenly Father's children. I've been reading Jesus the Christ, and there's just no doubt in my mind that He is the living Son of the living God. He has all power to help us in any situation, and never leaves us alone when we focus all of our selves in His redeeming power. Just like Alma said, our sorrows and pains, even the most exquisite, will be turned into a joy even greater and sweeter than was our pain. There is real power in the priesthood. We have been given the power to act in the name of God for the salvation of men. Heavenly Father loves us. He really does listen to our prayers, and even answers them according to our faithfulness.

Elder Joseph Facer


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