Monday, January 16, 2012

La Peña de Bernal

Well today we went to the Peña de Bernal, the 3rd largest monolith in the world. Pretty impressive, right? Anyway, it was some good exercise, and I've always loved hiking and rock scrambling and the like, so it was really fun. Pictures will be coming next week because we came directly from there to write, and I don't have my cable. I actually climbed it all in missionary clothes because we didn't find a place to change, so it's that much more impressive.

As far as missionary work is concerned, it was a mixed week. We had one investigator come, which was really nice, but 2 confirmations fell for the 2nd week. I feel like I know why, and it didn't surprise me, but I plan on making sure they happen this week. Other than that, it was a pretty strange week. We had a leadership counsel on Tuesday, which meant we were in Querètaro all day, then on Thursday and Saturday we had interviews in San Juan del Rio (as in Elder Nuñez interviewed people for baptisms), so we lost a lot of working time there, too. It's kind of stressful to have to leave the area so much and not be working, but at the same time, it's fun to see different places. This upcoming week should be pretty good, though.

So we didn't get letters Tuesday like I thought, but they should be coming this week on Thursday because we have zone conferences. It's still not too late for a Dear Elder. Also, Scott and Lys, I'm ashamed of you again. After promises last week of more faithfulness in writing, I get nothing. Really it's not that big of a deal, though, but I do enjoy hearing from you, and pictures are always nice.

Dad, as far as your Book of Mormon talk, I don't really know that I have ideas for stories to tell you, but something I realized a few months ago is just how important it is in this church. We can convince other people why their religions don't have the fulness of the gospel, but if they don't accept the Book of Mormon, then nothing else matters. It really is the keystone of our religion, and it's just the greatest, really. There's an excellent quote from Elder Wirthlin in PMG chapter 5 about praying to know how we can use it in everything we do. That applies to members as well, it's not just us out here that need to share the gospel.

That's fun about Tara going to bargain ball. Haydn seems like a good kid, so that's good that he asked her. Mom, she probably dressed up more than I would. I wouldn't have done the masks unless we were being Spiderman and I got a legit costume. Probably I would've just gone normal and been a superhero's secret identity. Also, mom, remember when I told you about the one time in Bro. Bott's class where I did talk to someone and it actually went well? That's what you should do, too. You have two sons on missions, what more of a conversation starter could you need in a mission prep class?

Things are still going well as far as trying to improve myself. We had a change in the branch presidency after apparently 8 years with the same president, but it was just a really good meeting. I had a lot of promptings that I've already started putting into practice, and I hope the Lord will continue to help me as I continue to develop into the person that He needs me to be. I still pray every day for help, and all of your prayers are much appreciated as well.

I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He gave His son as a perfect sacrifice so that we would have a chance to overcome all things. I read today in John 16:33, where Jesus is giving His last discourse to the disciples, and it's the last verse. The last things He tells them is that He has overcome the world. What an incredible blessing it is to know that He did that, and that with His help, we, too, can overcome the world. That's just such a beautiful promise. I know that the Lord extends His tender mercies over all those who will be obedient and follow Him. Through Him, we can all be clean and change ourselves. There is an infinite capability given to us to change and improve because Christ suffered an infinite Atonement. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers. He answers us anytime we ask for something righteous. May we, together, continue to improve ourselves, and become all that God wants us to be, even as He is.

Elder Joseph Facer


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