Monday, January 30, 2012

All Caught Up

Well this week we finally got Ofelia to church to be confirmed. She is a really old lady that had been baptized the day before I get here (Christmas) and for some reason kept having commitments on Sundays with her grandkids. She finally came, though, and said things should be calming down soon, so I sure hope they (mom and daughter both named Ofelia, both recently baptized and confirmed) can start being good, active members of the church. Other than that, it was a rough week. We did exchanges three times because an Elder in San Juan del Rio had decided that he wants to go home, but not anymore. It made for a rough week, switching areas every other day and not knowing what was really going on, but I tried to make the best of it. In spite of all that, I've felt pretty good this week.

Like I said before, I've been studying one chapter of the Book of Mormon a day, and then the New Testament. I'm in Hebrews, but really the best part is the one chapter of the Book of Mormon. It's becoming fairly difficult to just stop at one chapter. I read the beginning of 2 Nephi this week, and I think chapter 4 is maybe one of my favorites ever. Nephi was just a boss. Period. Now Jacob's about to explain the plan of salvation, and I'm stoked for my reading this week. Also, the New Testament is still really good. I'm learning a lot of new things there, too, and it's just great to be able to read the scriptures every day. It's amazing to see how much that has changed in me since before. Honestly, I almost never read scriptures before my mission, and when I did, it was very half-hearted (and only because I had to know what was going on for school), but now I just can't get enough of it. I don't know if you remember, but my patriarchal blessing mentions that, and it's really starting to happen.

Thanks everyone for your emails. It was good to hear from everyone (except Tara, oddly enough), and I'm glad everything's going well for everyone. Good work dad and Tara with stake conference talks. We have stake conference this week, and I'm pretty excited. Scott, I'm really happy for you for getting your CDL. It was a nice experience just to read your testimony of prayer and fasting, and I know it works, too. Heavenly Father has helped me so much through my prayers, and I know He does the same for all of you. I'm still missing all of the grandkids progress (not as much the grandfish, but I'm glad dad's happy about that). Speaking of Elder Holland's MTC talks, the mission gave us one on DVD that is excellent and I'm going to show it to you when I get home (in 16.5 months, can you believe it?).

Well I hope everything continues to go so well for you all at home. I'm growing so much here, and I'm just so blessed and happy to be doing what I'm doing. As hard as it was to leave everything behind, I know that this is infinitely more beneficial to me than getting really good at guitar and spending time with friends. Even though I know I still haven't gotten everything that I need to get out of this, I'm progressing so much, and Heavenly Father is helping me a lot. Mom, I'd appreciate if you could get up on Sunday for testimony meeting and tell the young men to just get on missions. If a stubborn, prideful guy like me can be changed by it as much as I have, it'll be the best thing in the world for even an averagely humble young man. I know that it's what the Lord wants for them, and there is no greater thing they could be doing with their lives than preparing to serve the Lord in His work.

I know this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father knows and loves us. He rejoices with us when we are happy, and laments with us when we are sad. He gave us the greatest gift that any being could ever give: His Son. Jesus Christ is our Savior, who atoned for our sins out of the pure love He feels for every one of us. I know that He suffered all things so we don't have to. He gave us the divine gift of repentance, allowing us to overcome the natural man and become even as God. I know that the Spirit guides us as we strive to follow Heavenly Father. Because of our baptismal covenants, we have the Lord's promise that if we are worthy, the Spirit will always be with us. The Lord will always do His part (D&C 58:31). Love Him with all your hearts and He will open the windows of heaven and distill the greatest blessings of this life upon you all. I know that our family can be eternal through Heavenly Father's divine plan for the redemption of all of His children

Elder Joseph Facer


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