Monday, January 23, 2012


La Peña de Bernal
My precious...
This was a pretty good week. We had zone conference on Thursday, which included letters, and also means a really good spiritual experience. I didn't get the package yet, which I was maybe a little sad about, but I'm sure it's coming. Zone conference was really really good. President Call just knows how to teach by the spirit, and I always come away with a real desire to do better. Sunday, we finally got Nicolas confirmed, because he's been having some problems with his real mom, but things finally worked out, and he's all filled with the spirit now. I got a boatload of letters, and thanks to everyone for sending them. It was nice to get that letter from the Stake Presidency, although It wasn't at all what I was expecting (I really had no idea what to expect when a letter shows up from Pres. Hughes). I think the end of Christmas cards has come, but I really appreciate everyone so much for sending them. I decided to go through some of the letters from the beginning of my mission, and it's nice to see and feel everyone's support. It was a really nice experience, and I really appreciate so much all the things that everyone has done for me. Brett and Alyssa L., I'm writing letters today, don't you worry.

That's weird to think that Wyatt got home. I guess it's time, but still strange to imagine that. Even stranger is that Brigham will be home in a little over a transfer. I won't be able to tell people that I have a brother in Cuernavaca anymore, darn it. That's good that Camron's having a good time. He sure has a lot of potential to be a great missionary. I hope he can realize everything he's capable of. Jeff Lewis also mentioned the mission being the best 2 years for your life in the letter he wrote me before I left. I definitely won't argue with that conjecture. I continue to learn so much every day, and I've really developed a lot as a person. There's also a lot more to go for the next 17 months (seeing as I turned 7 months yesterday).

It was fun to hear from Alicia, and I'm glad everything's going so well with you. I sure hope Scott gets the hang of driving a semi. That would be great for your family if he gets that job. Just pray all you can with all your faith, and the Lord will send what He wants to happen. I'm still a little sad that I'm missing so much with Canyon and Savanna, but I guess they'll still be cute when I get back. Also, thanks Lys for your generic letter. I'll take them however I get them.

So I've been reading the New Testament and 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon. It's a new way of reading scriptures that I've never done before, but it's actually really cool to focus on just 1 chapter of the Book of Mormon at a time. It helps me to concentrate more and digest a little bit of information a lot better than if I read 50 pages in one study session. Also, I did an intense study of my patriarchal blessing this week. I had always considered it to be fairly generic, but after this, not at all. It's amazing to see how much the Lord knew what was going to happen with me and gave me that blessing for times just like these when I need a little boost. Anyway, it's been a really great experience.

I decided to mix things up this week, so here's a Spanish testimony. Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera de Jesucristo. Se que él es nuestro salvador y redentor, y que él nos ama. él dió su vida para que nosotros podamos vivir. Se que su sacrificio expiatorio aplica a cada persona, no importa lo que han hecho en su vida. Fue una Expiación infinito en todo aspecto, y no hay fin a su amor de él y de nuestro Padre Celestial. Se que las escrituras son verdaderas y que fueron escritos por hombres inspirados por Dios que nos vieron y conocieron nuestros días. Dios las preparó para ayudarnos a poder vencer la maldad y todas nuestras desafíos. Se que la obediencia es la primer ley de los cielos y de este mundo. Por medio de ella, ponemos en práctica las enseñanzas y el evangelio de Cristo que nos perfecte y nos da la oportunidad de mejorarnos. Dios les ama, y les está cuidando.

Elder Joseph Facer


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