Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Special Witnesses

This week was all right.  Mostly just more striving and striving to find people.  Thankfully, we did, but nobody came to church.  It's ok, though.  I still feel like we worked hard, and we at least didn't have a terrible week.  One good thing was a surprise investigator coming to church who was referred to the church by her Peruvian friend.  Awesome.  She had to leave before we could talk to her, so all we have is an appointment for tomorrow.  Here I was hoping to put a baptismal date...  oh well.  We'll do it tomorrow.  Aside from that, the big news this week was a visit from Elder José L. Alonso of the 70 and area presidency.  We had a really good meeting, and I feel like it was just what I needed.  He talked a lot about conversion and baptism, but mostly about who we are and what we're capable of.  It's interesting that Elder Nelson and Elder Alonso made that a big focus point.  I've been studying a little more to figure out just what they're going for, and it's been going good.
We got to speak yesterday in church, and I had been pondering all week on what to speak on.  By Sunday morning, I still wasn't really sure.  It wasn't until the sacrament that I really knew what topic to speak on, but it still went over really well.  I felt that I needed to talk about repentance.  I shared the parables from Luke 15 and Alma's conversion story (Alma 36).  It was all based on Luke 22:32 and how before we strengthen our brethren, we need to be converted and repent.  I think half the ward complimented both the talk and my Spanish, which was really nice.  I had several people tell me that the talk was just what they needed to hear, and one of them even invited us to go get Costco pizza today (but Costco's out of the mission... dang it).  Anyway, it was cool to see how even without knowing what to say beforehand, the Lord can use me as an instrument to touch people's hearts right where they need it.
I didn't know Lys and Manuel were going to Peru again, but that's fun that they got another trip.  I imagine they're just raking it in, so that's sure nice.  Too bad Andrew's all sick and diarrhea-ish.  That's something any missionary in Mexico can relate to.  I can, however, assure you that it will pass before you know it.  The only advice we get is "drink plenty of water and wait it out".  That's fun that Alex is growing a lot.  He'll just be a little chunk by the time I'm back (which is coming surprisingly quickly).  I'm glad everything ended up ok with Avery, too.  That's fun that Tara's going for Miss T.  I was always glad I never got nominated for things like that precisely so I wouldn't have to make videos and do talents and dances and what not.  That was just never my thing. 
Thanks Alyssa and Gonzalez family for letters this week.  Alyssa, there is no longer a post office in my area, so letters may be a little more sparse up until the end.  The closest one is out of the mission, but some elders in the district said they know a sister that takes their mail for them.  It's probably a lot riskier, but it's our only hope.  Thanks for your constant love and support.
I know that this is the Lord's work.  He can and does perform miracles based on our faith.  I know that we are in the only true church of Jesus Christ on the earth.  There is no other, and there is no other gospel that can produce salvation.  I know that God loves us so much.  He hears our prayers, and always answers in the way that helps us most, especially when it isn't how we are expecting.  I know that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to perform a perfect Atonement to save all men that will hearken unto His voice.  I know that we can repent and be completely clean and pure if we comply with the conditions that He has given us.  I know that we are never too far gone to repent, and not a single one of us is without need to do so.  I know that He awaits us with open arms as we effect this mighty change in our hearts.  No blessings will be withheld to the repentant sinner.  I know that repentance is the key to experiencing the greatest joys of this life, and consequently, eternal life.

Elder Facer


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