Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Week of Revelation

Norma and Luis's puppies (they're both chihuahuas, who's surprised?)

I'm like the cabbage patch kid that nobody wanted

Jorge and Aldo's baptism (with mom and sister)

killed Elder Peña

This has been a pretty great week. We didn't have anyone in church besides Alberto, who can't be baptized because he isn't married and his wife lives in DF. He still likes coming and says we've helped him a lot, and I feel like one day he'll be baptized. What I'd really like is a miracle so it can happen while I'm here, but if not I'll just have to deal with that. Our other couple, Carmelo and Hortencia, weren't able to come, and Carmelo is a little unsure now about baptism, thinking he needs to know a whole lot of stuff first. We're going to see them tonight and talk a lot about faith, so we're hoping that will help him out. They're just too good to not be members. Anyway, that made for a not so great week as far as progressing investigators, but the rest of the week was pretty good. We had ward conference, which was really good. I don't remember who, but some general authority gave a talk on the spirit of conferences, and I've learned more and more how true that is. I got to give the gospel principles class with no notice on "The covenant people of the Lord", and I feel like it turned out really well. Luis and Norma said it was really good, so that was nice. We've started going to ward council every week (now that they do it every week instead of maybe once a month) and it's been a good learning experience as well.

The best part of this week is how much personal revelation I've had and answers to prayers that I've gotten. I've prayed so much to have charity and to love Elder Cox and not criticize him, and the Lord has blessed me so much in that. He's a good missionary, but he has a lot to learn. With the Lord's help, I'm not letting that bother me, and I'm really trying hard to know how to help him and our companionship be better. I received some revelation about James 5:20, that charity, apart from being important in helping us receive forgiveness, covers our sins in that it enables us to resist temptations in the first place. I love proactive prevention instead of retroactive correction (I totally just came up with that). Also, in Ether 12:34-36, it talks about charity being requisite for entrance into the Celestial Kingdom, and 36 talks about how charity is given to the gentiles through the grace of Christ, wrought by His Atonement. Having read Elder Bednar's article in the April Liahona about the power of grace opened up all kinds of new revelations and understanding for me. I've also started watching the district videos at nights before bed, and it's been a huge help. I'm watching trying to find new ways to improve myself, my teaching, and our companionship. The Lord has opened my mind to new concepts and more revelation, and it's also helped me to have the Spirit a lot stronger in my nightly prayers. Revelation is the bomb.

Well it sounds like everyone had a good week. Lys, I am getting your emails, but sometimes I'm rushed and forget to comment on things you said. I do appreciate you writing (especially seeing as nobody else has for the last two or three weeks), but time is limited. That's fun that camp was at Aspen Lakes. I really like it up there. Dad, that's cool about your Jessica Wood story. I think that's the greatest feeling in the world, when you follow a prompting and it's an answer to someone else's prayer or needs. President Monson is always talking about that, and the few times it's happened to me make me wish it happened more often. That's fun that you got to work concessions at the Neil Diamond concert. I feel like he came like two years ago, though. Anyway, I hope Tara has learned that old people music is way better than anything coming out nowadays (aside from the Roy Hargrove Quintet and some other cool jazzers, but that's another story because nobody knows who they are). That's fun that the grandkids are doing well. They're just growing up so much, and it's hard to be missing it. Good thing there'll be more when I get back. I'm not surprised Brig isn't interested much in high school people anymore. I can tell he changed a whole lot on his mission, and he needs a higher plane of associates (I don't know if using that idiom works in that sense, but I did it anyway). Also, congrats on getting that job! Also cool that your convert's son got baptized. I hope that happens with Alfredo's family soon. Summer sure has flown by. August starts in two days, and in seven, I'll only have 10 months left in the mission. That's just nuts. I still feel like I got here maybe a transfer or two ago.

I know that Heavenly Father is aware of our situations. He knows us perfectly, and loves us equally perfectly. I know that He hears and answers our prayers. I know that He will speak to us and give us answers if we will simply ask for them with faith. I know that He fulfills all of His promises, and that we can be instruments in His hands as we seek for opportunities to be such. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. His Atonement made possible our salvation, gives meaning to all that we do, and has power to make us so much more than we could ever have been without Him. I know that the grace of God is sufficient unto the salvation and perfection of all mankind. If we humbly seek His saving grace, He will turn us into all that He knows we can be. I know that Christ's true church has been established on the earth in these days. Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and His Son. Through Him, they restored the Gospel and the power of the priesthood to grant us eternal life. I know that the plan of salvation is a perfect plan that makes possible the redemption of every single one of God's children. No one is ever too far out of reach of the power of the Atonement. No matter how dark our life may seem, we can always find relief, comfort, and forgiveness through our Master, Jesus Christ.

Elder Facer


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