Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference #2 of 4

Well thank goodness we had conference this week, because we really didn't have much else going on for us. We're working a lot and trying really hard, but we still just aren't finding people. My allergies have started acting up this week, and even Zyrtec, which usually suppressed them, isn't being totally helpful (it also makes me drowsy, but only during the day), and I've started feeling a little sick. I think I may have something similar to the flu, but it hasn't gotten worse than a sore throat and a little nausea, so I'm not going to worry about it for now. Aside from all that, things are going just great!

What an excellent conference we had. We watched it in San Juan instead of going to the stake center in Querétaro, which saved us a boat load of money and time, but it also made it difficult to understand. They amplified the sound with a mic through the church speaker system, which amplified the English as well as the Spanish, making it very hard to distinguish the different words and sentences. It did mean that if I concentrated really hard, I could pick out the English and hear conference with original voices and words. Sometimes that was just too hard and I listened in Spanish, but when I could, it was pretty cool. The best talk was probably Elder Eyring in Saturday afternoon "Building a Foundation of Faith" as I've titled it, and the best music was "Carry On" in the priesthood session, although Come Thou Fount was a very close second despite several obvious mistakes. If you get the chance, listen to Carry On. It was excellent.

You mentioned that a package may be coming soon. If such is the case, I would love some new music. All the missionaries have the exact same really bad music, and I need something new because apparently studying with silence is just too hard for every companion I've had. Any Motab CD you might send would be much appreciated. Other than that, anything homemade. The cookies last time came all crumbled, but they were still just so good. You don't realize how great real homemade cookies are until you've been without them for 6 months. Thus, I would love anything homemade that you can send. Have Alyssa ask friends if they want to send letters, and if not, that's ok, I'll just start thinning my already thin list of friends (but not really, that's a little harsh). Also Mentos. I've depleted the last supply you sent. Thank you very much.

Studies this week have consisted of finishing the May 2011 Ensign, the stories of King Limhi and Alma the elder, and Isaiah. Things are moving right along, and I'll be finishing Mosiah this week (and hopefully Isaiah). I'm super looking forward to getting the conference ensign to make a serious study of it.

Well it sounds like everything is just swell at home. It's strange to think that Brigham is back in real life, and I can no longer brag to people that my brother's in the Cuernavaca mission (I almost did on Saturday, then remembered "oh wait, he's not"). Anyway, it sounds like everyone's staying busy and doing good things. Thanks for sending that message from Bro. Cox. He always has good stories and messages to send, and I really appreciate that. Also, thanks to Bishop Williams, Betsy, Sharon, Becca, and Alyssa for letters this week. Becca, I'll get one off to you as soon as I can, I promise.

I know that this is the only true Gospel of Jesus Christ, established by Him. He truly is our Savior and Redeemer who gave His perfect life on Calvary so that He could take it up again and give us all life, even Life Eternal. I know that His love for us is infinite, and He has commanded us to have that same love. Being so, I know that His Hand will guide us as we seek to fulfill this commandment. I know that He made possible our repentance and resurrection: without which we could never return to live with Heavenly Father. As we come to Easter Sunday, let us take time to ponder, study, pray, and give thanks for this infinite and eternal sacrifice for us. I know that as we do, will we gain a greater understanding of what He did for us and feel more of His love from Him and for other people. He is our Master, and will come to rule and reign over all the earth in His glorious future advent to the earth. I know that we have heard His voice through the prophets that have spoken to us, and that He continues to guide His children through His true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Elder Facer


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