Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Benito Juarez, Goodbye Brigham

Sorry I couldn't write yesterday. Apparently when dead politicians have their birthdays, nobody works (kind of like President's Day) so there weren't any internet places open. It was mostly a slow week. We've started working outside of the center of Tequis because it's really just dead. That means we've been visiting a lot of places that I've never been before and knocking a whole lot of doors and searching for a lot of contacts. Sometimes it's a little monotonous, but it's ok. We're just trying to find the elect is all. Anyway, it's been good to be in new places instead of the same two colonies in Tequis.
We had a good church meeting on Sunday. I'm coming to appreciate more and more Sunday meetings, and I think the only thing that would make them better is if we had an organ. Unfortunately, I don't think they exist in Mexico. When I tell people I play the organ, they think I mean an electric piano. It's ok, though. Anyway, we talked about temples and family history work, and I think it's something I want to get into upon returning. I can give dad a break and take over (if he'll let me). I loved being able to go to the temple and do the ordinances, but I think it will be even better to find their names and do the work (the whole she-bang, as some would say).
Brigham, I'm so grateful for the honorable service you've rendered. You were and are such a great example to me, and I feel strongly that the Lord is very pleased with your service. If I'm right, then you have qualified for a whole lot of blessings for your service, including a complete remission of your sins (lucky! D&C 62:3, D&C 4:2). I hope I can be as good of a missionary as you are as I continue to work with the Mexican people. Thank you so much for your wonderful example to me. Good luck being back in real life.
It sounds like things are going great at home. Alicia, thanks for those pictures. Savanna is super cute with the Rapunzel dress. As difficult as I'm sure it was to get good pictures, the good ones will certainly do the trick. Lys, I'm not sure what you meant when you told me I would be a good help with this new business venture. Are you basing that on my expertise of Disney princesses, my excellent fashion sense, or just my Spanish? Also, if there were typos in my last letter, they were not because of a lack of understanding of grammar/conventions, it's because I'm a super fast typer and these keyboards aren't always very good. Trust me, I'm a bilingual master of grammar principles.
Lately, I've continued reading in the Book of Mormon, and right now Abinadi is showing King Noah and his wicked priests what's up. "You think you're saved by the Law of Moses? Yeah, right. I'll show these clowns where salvation really comes from." He also qualifies as a boss, along with Nephi, Jacob, Benjamin, and others. I also finally got through Chronicles and am now about done with Job (thank goodness, Chronicles is just tough for me). I've also been reading Jesus the Christ at night after planning, which is just as excellent as ever. Elder Talmage is a modern-day boss. The March Liahona has an excellent article about President Monson, and I would reccommend you all study that. As President Packer says "He's just more christ-like than the rest of us". In essence, things are going well in the study department.
I know that God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us and knows us all perfectly. He has prepared the way for us to return to live in His presence along with our families if we will just live worthily and perform all the necessary ordinances. I know that His plan is perfect, and provides redemption for all who will believe in Him and His Son. I know that the Atonement of Christ is real. Through His redeeming love and grace, we can all qualify for Eternal Life. I know that only through His merits, mercy, and grace can we all relieve the pains and sorrows we feel and become literally "at one" with Him and our Heavenly Father. I know that this divine gift of repentance is available to all to the cleansing and relieving of the troubled soul. I know that President Monson is a true prophet of God who leads us in the path to live with Him again. He is the only man on earth authorized to use all the keys of the power of God for the salvation of man, and I know that He is inspired in that responsibility. I know that God lifts us when we ask for His help. He hears our prayers and He answers them. I know this is true, and I know that He loves us.

Elder Facer (the Elder formerly known as Elder Joseph Facer. I should come up with a symbol or something to replace all of that. Oh wait, someone has done that already...)


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