Monday, November 21, 2011

A week of refining...

Well this was a very rough week. As far as numbers go, it was probably one of the worst I've had, but I don't think it was the very worst. One of our families didn't show up, so Luis didn't get confirmed, and the baptism we were supposed to have fell because the kid had lied to us about reading the Book of Mormon and having an answer, which all came out in the interview. We did, thankfully, find one new person this week, who is the son-in-law of a less active, whose wife (the investigator's wife) is also a less active. All three came to church, as well as Aurelio and Veronica Acevedo, but it was a hard week for finding. Hopefully things will start looking up this week.

Elder Sotelo is just as hard as I thought he would be, and I could go on about all the things I would change, but that's just not going to do anybody any good, so I won't. Satan has been working really hard at me this week, and it's just hard right now. I know that things will get better because I'm doing my best to be obedient and put away all the negative thoughts that come, but for now I just have to stick it out. I don't know if I told you, but Elder Stepp is our new district leader, which is really fun. He and I plan on being good friends when I get home (he gets home in July of 2012), and I've been so grateful for the chance to be with him in this district for 4 transfers. He also left a girlfriend, but she left on a mission 6 months after he did, so they get home within a week of eachother (lucky guy...).

I got to go the the temple again with investigators and the branch on Tuesday, which was nice, and it was fun to see more of the visitor's center. I'm sending a picture of a family that reminds me a lot of Lys and Manuel in every way except that the husband talks more than Manuel (and their child is a girl, but what does that matter? She even acts like Andrew). That was a neat experience to see how the families we brought could feel the Spirit that is at the temple, even just being on the grounds. I'm glad that you had that impression, mom, about how great of a blessing it is to be temple worthy. I know that the temples are so important for us as well as those whose work we do. I know for a fact that we are blessed just as much as they are for helping them in that way. I did actually enjoy the session in Spanish, but it was a little more difficult than I was expecting to understand. Don't worry, though, I did get it, and I did my part just fine, as well.

That's fun that you had a little surprise party. I meant to tell you happy anniversary last week, but I was a little upset that you didn't write me, so it slipped my mind, and I had no idea it was 29 already. It seems like last year or two years ago that you had your 25. But happy anniversary and happy birthday this week. I do remember what number corresponds to this one, as I'm sure you do as well. The big 5-0... how does that feel? That's maybe a good thing that Elder Miller (Adam?) couldn't come to dinner this week. That would probably be a little overwhelming.

Well I'm about out of time. I know that this church is true and that we are all children of our Heavenly Father. He loves us, and prepared the way for us to be happy in this life, and have Eternal Life in the world to come. That is one of the greatest gospel truths we have, and we so often take it for granted. Never forget your divine potential, and that you have the all-powerful, all-loving creator of the universe on your side in all of your righteous endeavors. I know that He sent His son to die for us. This blessing is truly the greatest of all the gifts of God, allowing every one of us to overcome the natural human faults we all have and be perfected in Him to be able to return to His presence. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and contains the fulness of the everlasting gospel. Through it's pages, we are taught by true prophets and messengers of God who saw our day and knew the trials we would face. Their writings give me strength and power as I strive to do my very best as their fellowservant in the vineyard of the Lord. I know that as we strive to keep all of the Lord's commandments, He blesses us with exactly what we need, because, as our Father, He knows us and wants only the very best for all of His children.

Elder Joseph Facer


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