Monday, November 28, 2011


Well this was a rough week. All of our investigators couldn't come because of dying relatives or other problems, so we hope everything will end up ok. Although nobody could come to church, it was a pretty good Sunday. I'm so happy that I get to play the piano every week. Music is just such a healing, comforting thing for me that I really don't know what I'd do without it. I especially look forward to getting home to be able to play the organ. There's just something even more special about playing organ as opposed to piano in sacrament meeting.

We did exchanges this week on Friday night until Sunday morning, so I stayed here with Elder Stepp. I wish I could even explain the difference I felt in being with him and working with him all day. There is really just some kind of special bond there, and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father sent me here to meet him, especially after Elder Hernandez in Utah told me that if I ever see Elder Stepp, I should say hi to him (Elder Stepp was in Utah for 3 months). With his help, though, we finally got Veronica to commit to marrying Aurelio so they can both be baptized. We got to go with them Friday and Saturday night because of the timing of the exchange, and it was just amazing seeing the way that we were able to be the mouthpieces of the Lord and tell her exactly what she needed to hear. The difference between that and the lessons we teach with Elder Sotelo is just indescribable. The Spirit was just so strong even though that was our only success in the exchange.

I'm glad to hear things are going well for Tara, and I hope that she'll be diligent in doing everything necessary to be able to play again. It's hard work, but those kinds of things always pay off. That's a lesson I learned from music. I never understood why mom made us practice so much until I stopped doing it. When I decided it was something I really love and want to get better at, I realized that the fundamentals (like your muscles right around the injury) are the most important things you can ever work on. Even though it's tedious, you do it and you will see results. It's that simple, so make sure you just do it.

It was fun to hear from Lys about Andrew and the things he's doing now. I can imagine you just have a little chuckle everytime you find a random object where it doesn't belong, but that's too bad about the business watch... why do kids have to be so cute and yet so devious? I'm glad that even though mom was alone this week that she still got things done. That would've just been the ultimate excuse for me to play guitar for 8 hours, watch house for 4 hours, then go to a friend's house until I go to bed. I'm glad you went to the temple and learned from your time alone, though. The temple really is just such an incredible blessing, and I hope I'll have some opportunities to go in the mission and absolutely afterwards. President Call told me that it would be possible for me to go to the temple when Brigham comes home, and we could meet up there, but that would depend on both mission presidents, so we'll have to see.

Someone else was talking about names, but I don't remember who, and I read that chapter in Helaman this week. It really is something interesting to think about, and all of the incredible examples that I get to remember when I remember my name. Reading that inspired me to learn more about the different Josephs and find out just why I was deserving of such a great name (or that you wished I were more like them...). Speaking of my reading, I'm now in 3 Nephi 6, so Jesus is just about to come. There's just so much to be learned from the Book of Mormon. It really does contain "The fulness of the everlasting Gospel". I've been absolutely astounded at how much I continue to learn from that or how much my testimony is strengthened as I read it every day. I decided that after I finish it this time (which according to my calculations will be my 9th time reading it including once in Spanish) I want to read a chapter every day in addition to whatever else I study. I hope you are all taking advantage of this incredible blessing that we have and that was meant for our day.

Thanks again for sending that package off. I'm really really excited for it, and I really think that will be something very meaningful for me. I've saved all the letters I've received, and it's a nice reminder that people are supporting me and thinking of me. This will be a welcome addition to that. Thanks to Emily and Sharon for being so generous and helping me out with my mission fund. It really is appreciated, and I hope to be able to pay you both back one day. Speaking of that, mom, I need you to check my account because I had to take some money out of it, and I need a minimum of $500 balance or I get charged, so please keep an eye on that to avoid any unnecessary loss.

I would never have guessed that there are many people who follow my blog aside from our immediate family and Alyssa Shirley, so that's nice to hear. I really hope that my experiences and the lessons I learn will be able to help someone strengthen their testimony of Jesus Christ. I feel like this is just an amazing opportunity for my personal growth, it's strange to think that it could possibly benefit anyone else.

Well we're out of time. I know that this church is true. I just know it, and, like one of my namesakes, I cannot deny it. To the end of my days, I will be faithful to this wonderful gospel that our Savior so graciously gave us. He is the way, the truth, and the life. His Atoning sacrifice allows every one of us to change according to our will and faith. I know that there is incredible power in faith. With even a tiny bit of real faith, we can do all things that are necessary for us to do. Heavenly Father really is our Father. He loves and watches over us so that even when we aren't perfect, because we never will be, He sends His spirit to those who diligently seek to do all things that He commands them. Lift up your heads and be of good cheer, as Jesus would say. There's a lot to be happy about.

Elder Joseph Facer


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