Monday, November 14, 2011

Temple Trip

Well mom I'm glad I got a letter from you for this week since you're only out of the office until 4 days ago... But we had a good week this week. We had 6 come to church (the same two families), Miriam got confirmed, and Luis got baptized (I forgot my camera cable at home, so pictures come next week). Other than that, things are just looking good. Elder Irigoyen left today, and Elder Sotelo came. He's from Guerrero, but not anywhere Brigham's been. I can already tell it's going to be another difficult transfer, but I hope everything turns out ok. I know the Lord can help me if I earn it, so that's my goal.

The highlight of the week was an amazing temple trip on Thursday (pictures next week as well). We just did an endowment session, but the best part was when we were in the chapel waiting for the session to start. I had just the most amazing spiritual experience I've probably ever had that is too personal for a blog, so it'll have to wait 19.5 months. The session was also really good. It was hard to stay awake because we were fasting and we literally didn't sleep at all the night before, but I made it through most of it. At the end, I was able to do everything on my own except for one part (yes, the part you're probably thinking of if you know what I'm talking about). I was really happy, and it was just an incredible experience. I'm so grateful for all the chances I had to go to the temple before my mission to be familiar with the wonderful work that is done there. I think it was President Kimball or Benson that said missionary work and temple work are just the same: the work of saving God's children. I think I might rather just go to the temple all day every day for two years, though.

Well I'm glad to hear Tara's progressing and that things are improving with Lys's finger. Keep up the good work, both of you. Also, Lys, I'm glad that Andrew's growing up, but I do wish I could've enjoyed him a little more as a baby, as well. That's ok, though. Just work it out so there's a baby there when I'm back (that means you get started in November 2012, por las dudas). It's fun to hear about him growing and becoming a little person instead of just a baby, though. That's one of my favorite things about little kids, is when they look like a little person instead of a baby.

Also, I got a letter from Alyssa and Sharon this week, so thanks to both of you for your constant support. Believe it or not, the things you tell me really do help, and I take your advice very seriously.

Well because I have nothing to respond to, I'll wrap up. I know that this church is true. I know that the work we are doing here is the only way that many of these people will have the chance to live with Heavenly Father again and enjoy Eternal Life, the greatest of all of God's gifts. I know that it is through Joseph Smith that we have this wonderful blessing available to us again, and that he, through the power of God restored the same church that Jesus Christ established. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It contains the fulness of the everlasting gospel, and presents it in a manner clear enough for all of us to understand and to be able to feel the Spirit. I know that the temple is the house of God and that the work being done there is invaluable and incomparable. Those who will attend and serve in the temples regularly will receive the same, if not more blessing than we do as missionaries. I know that obedience produces the faith necessary to have the willingness and ability to do what's right, have the Spirit with us, and effect this wonderful work all throughout the world, not only as full-time missionaries, but as those who have taken upon us the name of Christ by means of the covenants we have made with Him.

Elder Joseph Facer


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