Monday, October 17, 2011

His Hand is Stretched out Still

Who would've thought, mom was right all along about my attitude... this week I made a very conscious, strong effort to change my attitude, my work, and essentially everything I was doing. The changes I have seen in the last week have been incredible, and could not have been brought to my stubborn self if not through the Lord's hand. Thanks to everyone for reminding what's important and why I came here. Even when I was too prideful and foolish to remember it, the Lord's hand is stretched out always to those who will reach for Him.

Well this week was just a lot better. We started doing our 10 contacts/person/day (as Elder Ballard had asked us before I got here) and the blessings came. We were contacted by a man named Enrique on Monday night, totally drunk, and told us he wanted to change. We stopped by Tuesday and he wasn't there, but his mom told us that he really needs help and that we should come by again. We left our phone number and told them to call us whenever they have time and we'd be there. Saturday morning, we got the call and walked 20 minutes to his house and found him and his whole family at home. It turns out he is very alcoholic and has a pretty bad drug problem, his wife has almost left him and the kids (4) several times, and the kids are all to the point of fairly severe depression because of all of that. We taught them about the Atonement, and the power it has to help everyone change anything in their lives. I know that we were instruments in God's hands in helping that family to start on the road to the Gospel. They came to church (stake conference), and I think they felt the spirit. We're going to visit them tonight, and I really hope everything continues to go well. They need all the prayers they can get, so please pray for Enrique, Beatriz, Maria del Carmen, Mirian, Luis, and Alexis. I know that the Lord can help this family to be whole again. Stake conference was really good, and we found out that they're going to start building a real chapel in Apaxco starting in January, so that was really great news.

It sounds like this week was a pretty good one for you, as well. I really enjoyed the letter from Rosy, and it's so nice to see the sweet, simple testimonies of recent converts. My one baptism here in Apaxco (Josefina) is super solid, and was called a few weeks ago to be the 2nd Sunday teacher in Relief Society. That's so great that Camron was given another chance at his mission. Tell him congratulations for me, and that this is the best decision he could make right now. That's good that you've been able to spend some time with their family and learn from the trials they're going through. Our tribulations bring us patience, and with patience, love for the Lord and our fellowman. I'm glad that Chris was able to be there, too. It's too bad that he may not be able to serve a proselyting mission, but I know the Lord has a way that he can help to build His kingdom, even if it's not serving a mission. I think it was Bro. Scoubes that told me that even if the young men don't serve missions, it doesn't mean they're lost. The mission, although an incredible growing opportunity, isn't required for salvation, and that the young men who don't serve should still look forward to the temple. I wish I could've been there for the primary program, but I'm glad you all enjoyed it. That's fun that the Maile girls got to sing. They've always been such great, exemplary young girls. That's fun that all the grandkids are growing up. I'm sad that I'm missing all these changes, but look forward to being a bigger part of them with my own family one day. Tell them that I miss them and pray for them, and to keep being such great kids. I'm glad Alyssa's doing well in school. The reason she probably hasn't gotten my letters is because I sent 2 or 3 week's worth of letters in one envelope because I don't have enough for 1 every week. They'll be a little delayed, but they are coming. I'll let you know when I get the package and what condition it's in.

You'll also be proud to know that we finally cleaned the apartment, and everything looks good, actually. I'll get pictures when we have power again, because it's been out all week, and pictures with candlelight just don't look as good (no power also meant my new gallon of milk went bad... dang it)

I absolutely know that this is the true church of God and Jesus Christ. They guide this work and all that we do as members of this church. Jesus Christ suffered for every single one of you. He took the time to feel your pains and sorrows individually so that He can know how to help you every single day of your life. The Atonement is how we can make changes in our lives, but we have to be willing to make the changes and do all that we can. When we've put forth our very best effort and we still fail, the Lord will do the rest. I know that He lives, and loves every one of you. When we fall, He will pick us up and carry us until we return to His presence and the Father's.

Elder Joseph Facer


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