Monday, October 24, 2011

Another First (sort of...)

Well this week was another mostly successful week. We found another family of 5, but the dad won't let us come back, which is a shame because the rest were really good and wanted to come to church and everything. Enrique did come this week with his wife and one of his daughters. This was all of their 2nd week, so the daughter can be baptized this Sunday, and if we can get him and his wife married, then she can be baptized Sunday, too. Things are really starting to look up. Even though we didn't really find any new investigators this week, I have high hopes for what we can do now that we're complying with the standards the Lord as set concerning our work. This was the first time that we've had people come 2 Sundays, which is a pretty big deal. About 80% of those who come the first week don't come the second. Anyway, the work continues, and things are looking good.

Congrats to THS soccer and to Tara. I'm sure it must've been hard to have watched all of that from the sideline, but I'm proud of you for hanging in there and for still being happy for the rest of your team. I'm starting to learn that it's more important to be happy for other people's successes than to be sad or discouraged for our own failures. Let them be swallowed up in the happiness of others. That's the real secret to happiness in hard times (including keeping the commandments, but that's a given...). Good work Lys on getting your job! I hope things start looking up, though, and that you can come to enjoy it and all the benefits you'll be getting (especially the A lot pass... I'm still jealous). I'm really glad Alyssa finally got my letters, and that means the next bunch should be there in three weeks (sorry about the delay). I got letters this week from Sharon, Betsy, and two from Alyssa. I also got the package, which was wonderful. There was a tear in one corner of the box, but everything was still packed perfectly and arranged just like I'm sure mom put it in there. Thanks so much for that; it was everything I needed and so much more. Thanks also to Alyssa, Mattea, and Sr. Shirley for their contributions. Alyssa, I loved the book you put in there, and I appreciate Sr. Shirley's experience that she shared. Thanks to everyone!

That's so fun that Andrew's finally walking! I'm sure Savanna's going to have to get used to chasing him around now instead of just running up to him while he's sitting there. I sure wish I could see it, but I bet he'll be walking even better by the time I get back. The pictures you sent of Canyon and Savanna at the temple were also really cute. Canyon just seems like he's growing up a whole lot right now. That's also really great the experience you had with Sr. Schulter, and I really hope that she decides to do what it takes to come back. She will be so blessed if she does, and I know that it can make all the difference in her life and the lives of her children.

I'm just about finished with the Old Testament (I'm starting Ezekiel, pg. 1026 of 1184), and plan on finishing this week. After, I'm going to read the Book of Mormon again before I do anything else. I just feel like that needs to happen. Anyway, we're short on time this week, so I have to wrap it up. I know that this church is the only true and living church on the whole face of the earth, guided and directed by Jesus Christ through a living prophet. The blessings we receive from having this guidance are inmeasurable, and we can only take advantage of them by being obedient to their counsel. I read a really good scripture on obedience that inspired me to want to do more (Jeremiah 42:6). I know that the Lord is ready and willing to bless us when we are worthy of His blessings. The temples are so important to everything we do here, and it is there that we can do the greatest service of all. I know the Lord lives and loves all of you. In your darkest moments, turn to Him, and He will give you peace.

Elder Joseph Facer


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