Monday, November 7, 2011

Success Postponed (with more substitute success)

So this week Beatriz's dad got sick so they couldn't come to church, which was just fine, because they're set to come next week so Luis can be baptized and Miriam confirmed, then Enrique and Beatriz the next week (as long as transfers don't take me out of here on the 14...). I'm really actually looking forward to more time in Apaxco. The substitute success was that Fam. Acevedo (a reference from the Fam. Acevedo in our branch that we reactivated and saved them) came for their second week and are super solid about baptism this week. They just need to be married, but they are completely willing. Things are still looking really good, and I see good things to come. It's just amazing how much Heavenly Father really knows all of His children and prepares them to enter into His Gospel. The manner in which we were able to help Enrique was entirely different than helping the Acevedo family, but they are both coming to the same, straight and narrow path that comes after the door of baptism. How great that Jesus showed us the way so that we all know where we need to be.

Concerning the concern of being in one place for a long time, that comes from President Monson. According to President Call, President Monson said that missionaries should be changed as seldomly as possible, being in each area a minimum of 5-8 months (which means I may just get my wish of staying here for everyone's baptisms and confirmations AND ordinations to at least the Aaronic priesthood!). Really all of those complaints are just a lack of understanding that this is not about us. When I realized that I'm really not that important as an individual at this time and in this work (I still have self-esteem, don't worry, I just mean that we aren't the ones that make the difference), then the change will come. Remember that "obedience is the first law of, well, everything" (Elder Holland) also gives us pretty good reason to just do the things the Lord commands.

Speaking of doing things the Lord commands, I started reading the Book of Mormon again this week after finishing the Old Testament, Our Heritage, and Our Search for Happiness. What a huge difference I have seen in my morning since then! First off, I'm seeing an unbelievable amount of new things that I just somehow missed before. I've read the first 16 chapters, and there is just SO MUCH in there that is just amazing. I can't even imagine how much I'll learning reading 15 books! I demand that you all read the Book of Mormon every day and I know that it will make a difference in your life.

I usually just play the piano in church meetings. They've never asked us to speak, and I've taught a class one time (the young men/women). They really don't seem too interested in having us help with things like that, and at the same time, aren't really willing to help us with much of anything. It's difficult, and I know we'd see more success if they did, but it's a challenge we have to work with here. Tara, I hope you have the chance to be a leader. As much as I'm not looking forward to the responsibility, many missionaries are telling me that there's a good chance I'll be a leader someday. It's something I know I'd be good at with the Lord's help, but I don't particularly love it.

Thanks a million to Alyssa for her double letter this week. I hope everyone will continue to see the Lord's hand in their lives, as I know it's there. Continue to do all that you can to endure to the end, and "thus saith the Father, ye shall have eternal life"

Elder Joseph Facer


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