Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank goodness for conference

Well this week was ok. We have some investigators that really can progress if they will just come to church, but that's the issue. One family we have (Antonio, Lulu, Eder, and Alan) are really good and receptive, but are busy all day Sundays because Lulu's mom is super sick and needs care every day, and she does it Saturdays and Sundays, go figure. Our other family (Marcos, Cristina, Sadi, and Anson) are also really good, but just don't catch on to baptism. We've explained several times, even right after President Monson spoke, about how this is the only church with the authority to baptize in the name of Christ, but every time we invite them, they just say "but we were already baptized..." Basically it's really frustrating, but we're still working with them. Transfers came and transfers went and nothing changed. I'm still in Apaxco with Elder Irigoyen, and to be totally honest, I'm not looking forward to it at all. This is a huge test of my faith in seeing the Lord's purpose in this, and, so far, I still just don't feel good about it. It's going to be an extremely hard transfer, but I'm trying my best to have a good attitude and keep working. For that reason, I'm extremely grateful for conference. This was the first time in a while that I was able to watch all of it, and it was just incredible. Every single talk was just so powerful, and I felt the spirit so strongly the entire conference. I absolutely know that those men and women are inspired and called of God to lead this church. I especially enjoyed Elder Scott's talk about scripture study. He's my favorite speaker, and that's a theme that has been very important to me since taking BOM at BYU. He also does his own Spanish translation, so it was really cool to hear his actual voice, but I imagine it was still better in English. Anyway, conference definitely saved my life this weekend, and I'm so grateful for the chance we have to listen to the modern prophets. I told Tara to read Elder Packer's talk, but maybe it would be an even better idea if you and dad read it with her.

That was great about the tabernacle being converted, and I'm pretty excited to maybe be back in time for the dedication of that. I thought about Grandpa Facer when they anounced the Star Valley temple, and I sure hope he gets to benefit from that in one way or another. Thanks for the update about Alyssa Shirley, and thanks for sending me the package. I should be getting mail sometime this week because Elder Stepp (one of the Elders in Tequix whom I really like) is going to the offices to pick up his trainee tonight, so I'll get mail soon, but I doubt the package will be here. I'll have to wait a little longer for that to come, but I'm still very excited for it, and thanks so much for doing that for me. I sure hope Tara will improve and make progress. This is definitely a hard thing, but you will be blessed for persevering with patience and love for the Lord. That's fun that dad got a new truck. I'm sure the pony will cry a few days, but it'll be ok when Brigham gets home in 5.5 months (really, 5.5?). I'm glad my car's getting a break, too. I'm sure that's why this happened to Tara. I feel I know enough about your job to know what you mean. Did they move your office? Does that mean you still work with Emily and everyone else? I'm glad Alyssa is comfortable enough to come visit you now.

Well I hope everyone has a good week, and that things will improve. I hope Grandpa Sumner will end up ok, and that maybe you can salvage some peaches before there's no more hope for this year. I've been eating a lot more fruit, and there are now almost none that I won't eat. I even ate cuccumbers, and I can get them down, but I don't necessarily like them. Anyway, continue to study the words of the prophets. I felt a strong emphasis on the Book of Mormon in this conference, and hope that you will all continue to study it every day. The Lord will bless you so much if you do that and follow the principles contained therein. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet of God, leading the only true and living church upon the face of the world. I know that the apostles and general authorities are called of God, and that their words are the same as His. He loves you all so much, and I know He is watching out for you and showing His hand in your lives. I know that Jesus Christ is our everlasting savior, and that those who come to Him, repent, and endure to the end will receive the greatest gift of God, even eternal life. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is our only way to happiness in this life, and eternal life in the world to come. Use it constantly. Be clean of your sins. Receive the Holy Ghost in your lives, and let Him be your constant companion to guide and inspire you.

Elder Joseph Facer


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