Monday, September 26, 2011

It WAS a long week...

Before I forget, one more thing in my package that would be wonderful would be some more scripture marking pencils. I'm more than halfway through mine already...
Anyway, this week ended with a little bit of success. We had two and a half families that we found fail in coming to church on Sunday, but one investigator (the dad of the half family) did make it and accepted a baptismal date. We'd only taught half of the first lesson before that, so we'll see how things turn out. He seems really good, though. His name is Antonio, and we found him when we were supposed to be visiting his wife (we had an appointment, and she ditched us), so hopefully we can still make something come of that family. Other than that, the week was slow, and it's still pretty hard here to find people. As much as I'm trying not to focus on it, transfers are a week away, and one of us is going, and I'm more than ready for it. Elder Irigoyen is like my version of Brig's really difficult companion (Zazueta?...) except that he's my trainer and first companion here in Mexico. I don't know that Heavenly Father could've chosen anyone else to try my patience more to be completely honest...
All companionship problems aside, that's too bad that Tara got hurt like that. I know if I tore the equivalent of my ACL in my fingers, life would be just terrible (tara-ble, good one) if I were home and couldn't play guitar/piano/drums. Who knows, this may be a good break for her to let her focus and reflect and put everything in order. I was always glad that I, even being occupied with music, had a clear vision of where my future was heading, and maybe Tara can get the same thing now. I'll get the package at the same time I get letters from everyone, but I'd still appreciate cards and letters from anyone who wants to throw one in. Did you remember to get the missionary library? That will be very important in about less than a month when I finish the Old Testament. I'm currently at the beginning of Joshua, and glad to be out of Numbers and Deuteronomy. The law of Moses and numbering everything is maybe a little exhausting to read, but it started getting better towards the end of Deuteronomy, and I have high hopes for Joshua. But anyway, I'll be done soon, and hopefully I'll have received the package by then so I can get to work on those books. I feel fairly safe about the letters that I've sent so far. They may be a little delayed in coming because I do them 2 or 3 letters to the envelope (2 or 3 weeks in between receiving them) in order to save envelopes and money. I promise they're coming, just be patient. What do you mean since the first one? What's the date on it? By the way, thanks for selling my shoes!
That's fun that Emily blessed William yesterday. It's interesting that I have cousins younger than my nephew. I'm really excited for conference, and President Call said we can watch all of the sessions, which will be the first time in a few years I've been able to do that thanks to BMM, and I hope I can get some really good inspiration out of it. I feel like the Spirit has been in my life a lot more the last two weeks or so, and I really hope that I live worthy to keep that up. It's such a blessing that Heavenly Father has given us to have the Spirit as our constant companion.
I know that this church is true. I know that we have living prophets today that lead us, guide us, and receive revelation for us as members of the only true church of Christ. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and is very aware of everything we're going through. He is willing and ready to help if we will humble ourselves and submit to His will, understanding that His ways are not our ways, nor our thoughts His thoughts. He knows what we need and always fulfills His promises when we put forth our very best effort. It is only through His grace and the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we are saved, and because of that, all of us can receive all of the blessings that God has prepared for us, including the greatest of all His gifts, Eternal Life. The Book of Mormon is true, and will guide us and help us get closer to God if we will read it and follow it's precepts.

Elder Joseph Facer


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