Monday, August 29, 2011

Even when you're covered in paint, stay positive :)

Well it's been another good, then disappointing week. Naturally, that means we found some great new investigators that fell through on Sunday. They were super solid, accepted the baptismal invitation without hesitation, then weren't home when we passed by them for church Sunday and wouldn't answer their cell phone. It's getting really annoying that this happens every week, but I'm staying patient and doing my best to stay positive. We're working a lot on doing more contacts, which helps, because it means I'm essentially bearing testimony all day, which makes it much much easier to be positive. On Thursday, I went to the mission offices, then Friday to DF to sign my visa papers, so I'm finally legal. I had to go all by myself, which was maybe a little stressful, but everything worked out well in the end, and I got there and back safe and sound. Thursday before I left to the offices, though, I went on splits with one of our zone leaders, Elder Wiles, which was really good. He's a great missionary, and we had some really good lessons, and it was basically just a really good day. We had three baptismal interviews, too, and everyone passed, so that was a nice morale booster. Other than that, it was a pretty slow week.

So Monday, we were carrying a box of BOMs that had paint on it (nobody warned me), and it got on my pants and won't come out. I've been told by other Elders that Mr. Mac has a 2 year guarantee, so I'm attaching a picture of the damage so maybe you can find out if we can replace them and send them with my Christmas package :)

It sounds like everyone is keeping busy at home, which is good. That's interesting that everything seems to break down at the same time. Life just can't always be easy, can it? That's fun that Canyon is starting soccer, and I wish I could be there to see him. Just have him keep it up so he'll be really good when I get back. I thought about BYU starting today, and realized I actually really look forward to getting back and starting up again. Even though I didn't necessarily love being in school at the time, I really did enjoy it, and am excited for Fall 2013. Alyssa started classes today, and I'm excited to hear what she thinks, too. I got another letter from her when I went to do my visa, and things are still going well with her. I've sent one envelope with three letters, and another two are going to be sent tomorrow, but I have no idea how long it will take to get there.

Just a few fun facts so you understand a little more what's going on, my arms, legs, and feet are almost entirely covered in mosquito (or some other kind) bites, but they're starting to heal and not look like I have chicken pox again. I may have gotten food poisoning, because I've been really sick to my stomach since Friday night/Saturday morning, but I'm not vomiting or having diarrhea or anything (thank goodness!), so we'll see how long that stays with me. Sleeping is really hard because of the mosquitoes and general uncomfortability. The best part is that in spite of it all, I can still go throughout the day smiling, because I know I'm doing what I need to be doing.

I hope you continue to do all you need to do to stay close to the Lord. I'm really proud of Tara for going to the temple each week. It's something I always wanted to do, but was never quite dedicated enough to do (and I had jazz band all throughout high school), and I just know that the Lord is going to bless you so much for that. Continue to study the scriptures, as that is how we are perfected (I read that this week). I'm in 2 Peter, and I plan on finishing the New Testament this week and starting D&C, which I'm excited for. Make every effort to be the very best member of the church you can be and you will be blessed more than you can recognize.

Elder Joseph Facer


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