Monday, October 22, 2012

16 Months

Shoot, that just doesn't seem right.  I still feel like I'm at 9 or 10, but those are the hard facts I guess.  Well this week Carol got confirmed and is going to be just a great little convert, so that's exciting.  Unfortunately, that's all that really happened this week.  We've started working more with members (and they're cooperating a little more, more than anything), but there's still a lot to be done.  We got to find a few opportunities to serve them as well, which was really nice.  I'm still been praying hard for more chances to serve, so it was nice to see a little bit of results.
We did exchanges this week, so I went with Elder Jenson, who is still in training, in his area.  He's been out the same time as my companion, but has less time in the field because of the MTC, but he's just something else.  He's one that was definitely a lot more prepared than probably the vast majority of missionaries I know, and I know he'll be just a stellar missionary.  I really liked a talk by President Eyring about preparation in the priesthood, and realized how much most missionaries lack any real preparation before coming out.  They may have speed read the Book of Mormon once, but that's about it.  I felt like I came in pretty prepared, having read the Book of Mormon 4 times in the year before leaving and most of Preach My Gospel, but I certainly have had my own struggles due to a lack of more preparation.  Anyway, it was just cool to see how much a little effort before can make so much difference starting out your mission.  Tara, keep that in mind.
It sounds like everyone's staying busy.  That's too bad that Brig has to get surgery.  I was all looking forward to the Facer family version of the 5 Browns or something like that.  Lys, I'm sure you do write every week, but they really don't always show up on time.  It's ok, though, I'm just glad you do write (but I never did get last week's update).  It's fun to hear more about the grandkids.  I love that they're all just so quirky and what not.  It makes me excited to have my own weird little kids someday, because I just know they'll be more than a little different, but hopefully well-behaved.  That's my goal, anyway.
This week in church, a recent convert got ordained to the priesthood, and during the ordination, I was thinking of what more I could do to serve the Lord, and I had the impression "use your priesthood", but in my head it was like that voice of thunder and of great tumultuous noise that the scriptures mention.  It's something I've been studying and pondering for a long time, and I feel like I have a little clearer of a direction of how to do so.  Interesting how the Lord prepared me beforehand to fulfill His commandments.  It's like Nephi really knew what he was talking about or something.  Later, I gave a sister a blessing that she had asked for, and I felt pretty inspired in giving it.  I feel like when I give blessings is when I'm most guided by the Spirit, and I think I usually say what the Lord wanted that person to hear.  Anyway, she cried, and I felt good, so that was a nice experience.
I also found two things in the Book of Mormon that I hadn't noticed before.  In Alma 15, after Alma and Amulek watch all the righteous get burned, heal and convert Zoram and baptize a whole bunch of people, then it mentions that Amulek had been rejected by all his family and kinsmen and he was a little down about that.  In verse 18, Alma takes him back to Zarahemla to his own house and administers to him.  I thought that was just a tender moment in that history that I liked a lot.  Later, in Alma 17, it talks about how before Ammon and his brethren split up, Ammon, being their leader, gave them counsel, training, and testimony.  That made me think of a little MTC experience for them, and I just know that we are involved today in the same great work.
I would've sent pictures this week, but we went to an internet place that's lame, so I have no way to upload pictures.  Let's shoot for next week.
I know that this is the Lord's work and that His Almighty hand is in it.  I know that the Lord calls the humble and weak so that He can convince the people of all nations through the power of His Spirit.  I know that Heavenly Father loves every one of His children, and has given them all the chance to return to live with Him.  I know that His plan is perfect, and will grant us the greatest degree of happiness in this life and the eternities.  I know that Jesus Christ is central to God's plan, and that the Atonement allows us to put off the natural man and become a saint.  I know that as we strive to live the Gospel, the Lord will help us overcome our weaknesses.  There is nothing out of His loving reach.  As we come unto Him in every sense of the phrase, He will take us in the loving arms of His embrace.  I know that it's true because I have felt it, and I know that He stands waiting for all of God's children with open arms if we will but come unto Him.

Elder Facer


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