Monday, August 27, 2012

"I'm Trying to be like Jesus"

We had an interesting week this week. The good news is that we finally had an investigator in church (Cecilia), and she loved it. She wants her whole family to come next week, so we're hoping for some more improvements. The only bad news is that we can only meet with them on Saturdays because they basically aren't there during the week. We also got to speak this week, and it went well. I spoke on the importance of members in the work, and it wasn't chastisement. I taught them the doctrine using the words of the living prophets and the scriptures and invited them to act. That's all we can do, right? Things are still pretty slow, but we're working hard, and I feel like there are good things coming up. I really hope I don't get transferred, because I really do love this area and the ward. Whatever happens, happens, I guess, and it'll be the Lord's will.

We had a couple of really interesting experiences this week. First was a referral we got from another ward of a family in Jurica (really rich area) with one of their sons in a coma. That was about all the detail we got, so I expected the situation would be pretty bad and they'd be all broken up, but it turns out the son has actually been in a coma for 2 years, and they're just living life as normal. On Tuesday when we got the referral, I had this huge impression that I needed to fast so that I could perform a miracle with them. Wednesday when we went, everything just went normal. We went with the ward mission leader and mostly just got to know them and their situation. I'm not sure exactly what miracle I was supposed to do, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Second was yesterday as we were heading to the bus stop to go to the food. There was a guy sitting in the middle of the street that shouted, "ustedes son mormones?" I told him yes and he said, "yo también soy mormón!" even though we soon found out it wasn't really true. I was going to just keep walking, because drunks shout at us all the time, but I felt I should stop and see what he wanted. It turned out he had been run over a while ago and broke both of his ankles, but they never healed, so he couldn't walk well or even get up from the middle of the street. We helped him up and helped him get to the bus stop to go to Querétaro. We helped him on the bus, which was the same one we were going in, and went to sit down. All of the people around him started getting up and moving to the back of the bus because he smelled pretty bad, making rude gestures and saying some mean things. Eventually, the bus driver told him to just get off. I felt so bad for him, and it really made me reflect on the decision I made to stop to talk to him. I was so glad that I had helped him, even if everyone else was going to reject him. It strengthened my testimony that we are all children of God, regardless of our circumstances. Christ would love us all and treat us all kindly no matter who we are, and I was glad I did what He would have done. I read a talk on Tuesday by President Eyring about Christ's love and following His example. In the talk, he quotes the primary song "I'm Trying to be like Jesus", and I've been singing that in my head all week long. Making a real effort to be like Jesus and love as He does has made a big difference in my thoughts and attitude this week, and I'm glad that I wasn't like the other people that rejected and scorned.

Quick question: was Bro. Hawks called as a mission president in Hong Kong? I was reading in the Liahona and it had all the new mission presidents and it said Val Hawks in Hong Kong. Just curious.

That's rough that dad got laid off again. I can imagine how difficult that must be, but the Lord has His purposes. One thing I feel like I'm learning pretty well is patience and long-suffering, and it's helped me to understand that our trials are for our good and that the Lord is always aware of us and our circumstances. I have been learning to use the Spirit in all that I do. It's been one of my main focuses these last two transfers, and I've been making a lot of progress. Following promptings has become fairly easy now, and I constantly seek and follow revelation. I know I don't express my love for the people or my companion in my letters, but that doesn't mean it isn't there. That's fun that Brig has started school. It's weird to think that Tara, Brig, and I will all be at BYU when I get back. You may never get any work done, mom. Brig's schedule sounds pretty relaxed, though. I'm glad Tara's doing well also, even if soccer isn't going super great. That's good that Canyon's evaluation went well, and I hope Scott can work things out to get back into school. Then you'll have four kids at BYU. I never heard what gender Lys's baby is, just a head's up. Things sound pretty normal at home, though. Also, mom: next package you send, could you see if you can get me more refills of the Pentel pencil you sent me? I've only read the Book of Mormon, and I've essentially run out of some colors only marking references to the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel.

I know that this is the Lord's work and that He directs it. I know that this Gospel is the only true one on the face of the earth, and that no other church or religion has the priesthood authority necessary to effect the ordinances of salvation. I know that Joseph Smith was called as the prophet of the restoration to bring to the earth that authority and Christ's church that had been lost. I know that President Monson is the prophet today, and that he guides us through revelation from God. I know that God has provided the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bless us in all that we do. The blessings from the Gospel and the Atonement are infinite and eternal, and we can receive them in no other way. I know that the Book of Mormon is in true and that it contains the fulness of the everlasting Gospel. Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Master. He gave His life and suffered for us to bring to pass the conditions of repentance. If we exercise our faith in Him and repent, we can be clean and return to the presence of our Heavenly Father as families. That is His plan, and He has made it possible for us to do so through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Elder Facer


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