Monday, October 15, 2012

D&C 29:7

Carol's baptism
American-made brownies in Jurica.  Can life get any better?  I submit that it cannot
Well Carol got baptized this week.  Sweet.  She said the closing prayer at the service and started crying.  She'll just be a great little convert if you ask me.  She was one who the Lord definitely prepared to hear the Gospel.  I also bore my testimony this week (fast sunday was this week for us), and I think that'll probably be a more regular thing.  I just don't think there's anything I love more than sharing the Gospel, whether it's with members, non-members, or anywhere inbetween.  Probably also expect monthly testimonies when I get home as well.  The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, though.  Mostly we're just spending our time trying to find new investigators, but to no avail.  In the last three weeks, we've only found 2 new investigators (easily the worst 3 weeks in my mission).  That's frustrating, but I'm not letting myself get frustrated over it.  I know we have to just keep working as hard as we can, and the Lord will do the rest.  One goal I put after conference was to acknowledge more the Lord's will instead of mine and ask that it be done when I pray.  Accepting it is probably the hardest part, but I'm working on it.
Good news: we went to the offices today and Alyssa's letters were there.  9/2 is missing, so please send that one again, but I got 9/9-9/23.  I'll explain a little more about why that worked out great that you didn't have stamps in my letter to you today.  9/9 was a real winner.  Thanks a million!
Well about this area, essentially the only thing the members do is give us meals, and that's not always.  This ward needs a lot, and I mean a lot of help as far as missionary work goes.  Basically the only real contact I've been able to have with the bishop was him telling me I should be disobedient because the end justifies the means (I didn't agree with that for one minute), the mission leader doesn't want to help us, and the only members who even try to give us referrals have their rights suspended, and can't really help in the lessons, which essentially defeats the purpose.  We finally figured out when ward council is, so we're going this week and we'll see if we can't make some changes.  I'm certainly trying to find opportunities to serve others, but I must not be paying very close attention, because I'm not finding very many.  I did wash the dishes at a house because the sister wasn't there (otherwise she wouldn't have let us).  I know very few of the missionaries in the mission because all the ones I did know are mostly home now.  
It sounds like everyone's staying busy, so that's good.  Tara, I'm sorry you lost your game, but I'm glad you're still focused on preparing for a mission.  I just can't think of anything that should take priority over that (unless it were getting married, but maybe don't do that quite yet).  That's great that Scott got into BYU.  I can tell you from experience that working 40 hours and having a full schedule is very do-able, even if it does mean you'll be really busy.  Granted, 20 of my hours were from 4-7 in the morning every day, but still, it counts.  Thanks, Alicia for the pictures.  Canyon looks like just a taller version of his 4 year old self, but I think Savanna looks a lot more grown up now.  I didn't hear from Lys this week, so I hope everything's swell there.  I almost don't hear from Brig anymore, either (only when mom tells me about him) but I guess I asked for that when I didn't write him when he was out.  I forgot to mention last week, I did see Tori in the choir, but almost didn't recognize her.  It took 3 or 4 times of seeing her to be sure, but that was fun.  
I know that this is the Lord's work.  I know that we all play an important part in it, and that the Lord expects us to do what He has called us to do.  I know that doing so will bring us true joy in this life.  I know that God is our Father.  He loves us more than we can imagine.  I know that He hears and answers our humble prayers of faith.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  His Atonement makes it possible for us to overcome sin, death, and all of our human frailties.  I know that as we strive to become like Him, He will make our weaknesses become strengths.  I know that His Gospel is the only way to happiness in this life.  Nothing else will fill us with the Holy Ghost and the love of God like living the Gospel and loving it.  I know that Joseph Smith restored this, the only true and living church, to the earth in these days.  I know that we were among the noble and great ones that Abraham saw, and that God has saved us for these last days in order to bring about the most good that has been known in this world.  He expects us to be exactly what we were when we were in His presence.  I know that President Monson is the Lord's anointed on the earth, and that only he is authorized to use all of the priesthood keys necessary for the ordinances of salvation.  I know that temple work is essential, and that we all must take part in it in order to receive a fulness of joy.
Elder Facer


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