Monday, September 24, 2012

Didn't See That Coming...

Didn't See That Coming...

I am no longer in Jurica.  President Call had told us that there would be very very few transfers, so I was ready for another 6 weeks in Querétaro.  Lo and behold, the Lord had other things in mind.  I'm in an area called Teoloyucan in the Cuautitlán stake in the state of México.  My companion is Elder Gaytan, from Monterrey, and I'll be finishing up his last 3 weeks of training.  He lived in Austin, Texas for a few years, so he speaks English fluently, which is a nice feature.  Anyway, that was an interesting and unexpected change.  Saying goodbye in Jurica was a whole lot harder than I thought.  I didn't realize how much I had grown to love all of those members.  It was especially hard to say goodbye to my excellent converts.  The good news is that Luis and Norma are getting all ready to be sealed in July, so I'll be back before too long.  Alfredo didn't make a big deal out of it, but I wouldn't expect him to.  I'll sure miss them, though.  At the same time, I'm really excited for this new area.  It's possible that this will be my last if I'm here for a while, which is a really strange thought.  Anyway, change is good, and it's not like I have a choice, right?

It sounds like it was a busy week for everyone.  Did Trevor stay a little longer?  I feel like I remember that Ryan got home a couple of weeks ago.  That's great that Dad's got that option of a job now.  The Lord is just so good at orchestrating things in our lives so that, if we listen to the Spirit, everything works out just how it should.  I always love stories where two people had to follow promptings, but then it makes a miracle.  What are the chances, right?  I'm also coming to learn the effect that selfless service has on a person.  I've felt the need to start fasting more frequently, and I've felt that Heavenly Father has sustained me in that.  Even working hard and getting tired just doesn't matter, even not having eaten, because I know that the Lord needs me to help His children.  I was going to speak on Sunday (but didn't because of a misunderstanding) about a talk by Pres. Kimball from Oct. 1982 about 4 keys to happiness that he mentions, the last of which is being anxiously engaged in the work of the Lord's kingdom on the earth.  How true it is.  That talk by Elder Bednar was excellent, and I had mentioned it before.  Probably one of the biggest lessons I've learned so far is about the real power the Atonement can have in every part of our lives because it makes grace available to all of us.  I had talked a lot with Elder Cox about that, but it didn't help much in the moment.  I can't say I'm surprised that Mr. Jackson would ask something like that.  I don't know if there's a shortage, but egg prices are soaring.  It's cheaper to buy meat than eggs.  That's fun that you saw Trent's mom.  Make sure you tell them hi when you see them again.  Trent frequents my dreams more than anyone for some reason, so there must be something going on there.  

I don't know how Brig has dumped and been dumped when I haven't even heard that he's been dating anyone.  Good luck Tara on your senior game.  Last I heard, THS soccer wasn't so hot this year, but now Mom says you're in 2nd place, so good work.  Brian, if you're having real health problems, don't let that stop you from serving.  Talking with members in Jurica yesterday, I reflected on how much my life has changed from what I've learned here.  There is absolutely no experience that can replace it, and there is no excuse for not doing it if you want to serve the Lord.  "Therefore if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work".  That goes for everyone as well.  Whom the Lord calls, He also qualifies.  I know I couldn't do this if He hadn't enabled me to do so.

Well I had pictures, but with my camera in the state it's in, and not having an SD slot on these computers, we'll have to wait on those.  Sorry.

Mom, remember that the people that say "all's well in Zion" are being woed by the Lord.  (that's not a real criticism or call to repentance, just a joke)

I know that the Lord watches over all of His children.  He is aware of every single one of us and our needs.  I know that He hears every single one of our prayers and answers them in His own due time.  I know that striving to live like Christ is a key to our happiness.  There is no other way to be happy other than living the Gospel.  What an amazing blessing that we live in a day and place where we knew of the restored Gospel even from birth.  That will make such a difference in our lives if we let it.  I know that as we strive to become more like Christ through the power of His Atonement, God will bless us with all the attributes necessary for godhood.  We have all been given spiritual gifts, and it is our responsibility to develop them and seek for more.  I know that doing so will bring down the powers of heaven into our lives.  I know that only through the Atonement of Christ can mankind be saved.  That is God's plan.  We must live according to His laws and His ordinances to receive His blessings.  I know that the Lord always fulfills His promises.


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