Monday, January 14, 2013

Mosiah 23:21

Things are still slow.  All the progress we made last week with E. Vicente has now reversed, and he's going back to everything he was doing before.  The good news is we had a good sacrament meeting and not just because I spoke.  I got several compliments first of all on the hymns this week.  I felt like I put a special effort to making them extra good this week.  Also, I got several compliments on my talk, which I felt went over well.  The bishop's wife is just sure I'll be a general authority one day and had to ask what calling dad has to see if leadership runs in the family.  I don't see it, but it was a nice compliment.  Other than that, I spent the week toiling to not waste time.  It seems like right now anything more is just a little too much to ask.

We had the assistants come over on Friday for our companion study just to see how things are going.  We did lots of practices so they could see how we are with teaching.  We got some really good suggestions and feedback, and it's helping me improve.  Unfortunately, as soon as they were gone, my companion forgot everything they said.  E. Jimenez (one of the assistants) gave me a really nice compliment as well, saying that the mission needs more missionaries like me.  He said right now there aren't many strong leaders or teachers, and it would be great if more missionaries had my ability.  I've never considered myself that good, but it was a very nice, and more importantly sincere, compliment.

It sounds like everything's going well at home.  Mom, good luck with PhySci.  It's never been one of my favorite subjects either, but I'll have to take it, too.  I love the material, but have never enjoyed the classes.  That's good that you and Lys are exercising again.  Brigham had a pretty busy weekend.  Too bad Brenda isn't quite what he was hoping for.  There are lots of returned missionaries here that aren't married and don't really want to, so I'm just proud of you for being anxiously engaged in a very good cause.  Even with the small chance that mine and Alyssa's relationship doesn't work out, the chance that it might sure makes me feel fortunate. Also, I finally got letters from Alyssa this week.  I sure wish you would've told me you sent three at a time.  I'm all current up to 12/5, and we may get more this week with zone conferences.  It sounds like all the grandkids (minus the newest ones) are just growing right up.  There are lots of kids like Andrew here, but I can usually find a way to calm them down.  I'm excited to see pictures of Alicia's baby, so be sure to send them with all the details (the relevant ones, anyway, I know how birth works.  Don't send those details.).  Scott, which class is art history?  I took Music 202, which was music civ, and we had to learn about art history as well, and I can sympathize with you on that one.  I think I'd appreciate it more now, but when I took it, that was almost comparable to political science.  Dad, keep up the good work with Spanish, but maybe try to learn more than asking for beer.  Será más útil si aprendes a decir las cosas que realmente vas a decir en la vida.  Cerveza no cae en esa categoría, para que sepas.  Congrats to Brian on your mission call!  Make sure you prepare yourself well.  I've found out that pre-mission preparation plays a very big role in your ability to catch on and get in the swing of things right off the bat (that was an unintentional baseball pun).

Thanks to the former Edgar Peña for writing me.  It was great to hear from you, and I'm glad to hear things are going well.  It means a lot that you've kept up with me still.  I can safely say you've been my favorite companion thus far, and had the most far-reaching influence.  Thanks again, and good luck with school, friends, family, church, life, etc.

I know that God is our Father.  He truly knows us individually.  I know that His love for us extends far beyond what we will every comprehend as mortals.  I know that His plan is perfect, and that if we follow it, it will bring us true happiness.  I know that the family is ordained of God, and the fulness of happiness that He promises is based on our returning to His presence as families, or at the very least, husband and wife sealed together.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I know that His Atonement is perfect, and is the central component of God's plan.  I know that as we live the gospel, the Atonement takes effect in our lives, and we can be healed of all physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual maladies.  His power to heal us is only surpassed by His desire to do so, and there is nothing we will ever suffer that He can't empathize with and heal if it is His will.  I know that meek submission to God's will makes us more like Christ, and more capable of handling our trials.  I know that the Lord tries our patience and faith because He loves us and knows that only in this way can we become more like Him and prepared to return to live with Him eternally.

Elder Facer


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