Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd to Last Zone Conference (probably)

This was something of a difficult week. We're still having a hard time finding, and now even the members are beginning to bail on appointments.   Fortunately, we had zone conferences on Friday, so I got to ask President for a little help. I'm hoping we can work out a good resolution so everything can function as it should. I just realized that tomorrow I turn 19 months and I may only have one more zone conference. That's just nuts. Anyway, that was the only real highlight of the week. Other than that it's just business as usual. Also, good news from zone conference included several letters from Alyssa and pictures and letters from Alyssa L., Mike and Lisa, the stake presidency, and two from Emily.

Dad, if you think the American government is causing problems, don't look into Mexico. I don't know anything that's going on, but I don't hear very many people that like anything about their leaders here. I try to just tell them that we should be supportive because the Lord knows why He allowed these people to be in charge. It usually doesn't go over well, but that's ok I guess. Congratulations to Scott and Alicia on your third child. I'd love to hear stats (length, weight, APGAR score, etc... it is called APGAR, right? Human Development was so long ago...). It's strange to think that there'll be two new babies when I get back. I don't feel like I talk down to the members here. Even if I do, lots of people tell me that it's usually just what they needed to hear. The sister we wash our clothes with told me today I always say just what Teoloyucan needs, so that was a nice compliment. Mom, I'm glad you got to play the piano in primary. I've come to realize that the primary songs are really the best. As much as I want to play the organ in sacrament meeting, I just wouldn't choose anything over primary pianist if I were given the choice.

I hope everything goes well for everyone this week. January's about over and time is just flying. Jeff's home, Trent gets home soon (or is home... I don't remember exactly when he left), then it's just Paul and me. Also, Alyssa updated me that several more friends are engaged. As great as the pre-mission days were, I feel like things will just keep getting better. I'm sure grateful for progress in life. Being the same just isn't as fulfilling as moving onward, forward, and upward.

I just got Alicia's email with Avery pics and stats. Thanks.

I know that God is our Father. What precious knowledge that is. I know that He knows us perfectly, and loves us equally perfectly. I know that the gospel will bring us happiness if we will just strive to live it. There is absolutely no other way. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He is our Shepherd, and will lead us safely back to our Father's presence with our families. I know that because the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He fills us with joy and peace so there's no room for any wickedness. I know that the trials we pass through are for our good. I know that as we are humble and meek, the Lord will carve out room in our souls, removing sins and sorrows, to make room for even greater joy. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It along with the Bible give us a fulness of truth to help us know our Father more fully and follow Him with greater purpose of heart. I know that President Monson is a true prophet of God. He is the only man on earth authorized to exercise all the keys of God's priesthood. His words are the words that God would have us hear.

Elder Facer


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